Unusual RNG results?

Hi everyone,

I recently noticed an unusual amount of accumulated item draws in loot.
This is not only happening to me (2 accounts) but also to some alliance members.
It’s like 3 leather armor, 4 strong rope, 3 tall boots, 2 fine gloves, 2 orbs, 2 h.blades, etc. from titan loot.

This goes along with several entries i found in line chats from people complaining about missing loot, but in fact it was just multiple of the same item like what I mentioned above, so something may be ongoing.

If it would be a bug, then for sure more people would notice it. Therefore can you please add a note here if you find the same?

TIA and stay safe!

I have observations of titan loot on 18 accounts. They have loot tier 7 and below so it’s only two rolls per ascension mat. Sometimes indeed the drops are 2* leather armor or 2* strong ropes, or 2* Adventurer’s Kit. But most of the time the ascension items are different. Crappy, but different. Even if they’re unfarmable 3* mats which is rare they’re still different. It’s most likely RNG what you described.

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