Unused war flag tracker

I searched this topic and didnt find this particular feature request, but some that were somewhat similar so i didnt want to get my post mixed up in a large thread…

I think it would be nice to have an Unused war flag tracker that counted how many unused flags you had over a certain period of time. And you could change that time span based on your alliances requirements. You could be strict with it and count over 2 weeks or somewhat lax and say months or even a year if you wanted. Also it could be an additional option to toggle between time and number of wars. Or when you put in the time span its automatically populated how many wars were during that time span. Maybe even have an option to have a check box that had an auto kick feature or you could just let everyone know when they join…

“Welcome to the team, we have a requirement that if you have X amount of unused flags over X amount of time we will ask you to appeal your case because we understand life happens and if you dont respond on chat we’ll have to let you go”

Also i think it would be important that each player be able to see the unused war flags by each member

What do you guys think?

Potentially worth moving/ also adding your idea to this thread which has the same aim.

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In our alliance we use the regular flag count EVERY WAR.

Whoever does not use all their flags must justify it every time, and it can’t be more than one time in a row.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to leave flags unused.


I believe this may be a similar idea.

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