Unused maxed heroes: keep or eat?

Hi, i’m maxing Marjana and i see on my roster a Sumitomo and the 4th Boldtusk full of dust…
the 4th BT became useless since i finally get Rigard Costume, Sumitomo was my first 4th star but now i can’t even remember the last time i used him.
So: can you tell me a good reason to don’t eat them?

Can you tell me a good reason to eat them?

There are some hundred feeder heroes in it, 4 mats and if you feed him away you won’t gain anything from it.
Maybe if you don’t have any space left you can feed some before buying new space, but you will never know what you will need in the future. For example Ninja tower some extra healers can be useful.


you need 6 good Teams for Alliance Wars.
10 Teams for ToL and a lot of good Heroes for Ninja Tower.
Then there are 4* Tournaments and monthly quests like Guardians or Avalon, all with a 4* only area.
If you dont need heroes in any of the above use cases: feed them otherwise keep them.


Definitely keep them. When you fight a war vs green tanks, you want to use all your reds. Im using 3 BT and wouldnt mind another. Sumitomo is just fine also.

And as said also now NT, ToL and even Mythic titan (vs upcoming Green) depending on your roster.

These are actually my red heroes:

A good reason is freeing some rooms in my roster @ferg , and i already have a lot of healers for NT Tol @Gimliv. But i didn’t think to Mythic titan @H2v0c!
Thanks for your advises folks, you just saved an unemploied kabuki actor and an ogre chef from being eaten! :rofl:


Why have more than 2 of any hero? I have one for the regular hero, and since Costumes, another for the Costume (even they are not announced or released). Also multiple 5* for Transforming to another. Unless you want 5 of one particular hero in the same team…

I knew someone who had 6 C.Rigards for wars. He used one in each team.

Well, he’s not in my alliance so I don’t know he still is but that is what he was doing a while back.

Just a reason why people keep Dupes I guess

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If you want to ditch anyone it should be a Boldtusk, I don’t see why you need 4

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Ahriman512, I’d go with what Anchor said: keep’em, you never know when they become useful since the game changes (eg Grimble has become useful since the advent of minions. Also, HA allows you to ‘reeducate’ heroes, at least 5 star heroes. Other reasons have already been mentioned.

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Scarlett IE has an insane attack stat, she’s good to stack in 4 stars events. BT was my first costumed healer (a little harder without spending emblems and got full charge with 9 tiles) so, since i use to attack during war with 4-1 formations, 4 BT were extremely usefull!

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