Untouchablez Recruiting

Looking for a few more solid players to grace our gates. Fun experienced group of players from all over enjoying ourselves in a mature environment.

Still recruiting…? Lol

We will have one spot open if you interested let us know

That sounds great, thanks. I’ll keep an eye on you guys

No problem bud soon as I get the spot open it’s all yours. Do you have line by chance i can shoot you a personal message on the invite

If you put yours in your allience banner for a while, I’ll contact you. I don’t really want to throw mine out here

No problem understood, give me just a sec and we will get you an invite and we will talk as you step introduced to the crew. We is pushed strongly here you will see soon as you arrive :slight_smile: welcome to the team.

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Spot has been opened for yah sir come along for the ride :slight_smile:

Oh man, you’re gonna think I’m the worst, but I got into an allience fighting a rare ancient tiger(really want the rings​:confounded:) it’s 19 hrs from now-I hope it gets to less than that. Can you hold that spot please? I promise I won’t disappoint :laughing:

Yessir no if you gonna stay just let us know so we can fill the last slot.

I will come over after we kill this rare titan if that’s ok

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Spot still reserved for ya. Good luck on your titan

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