Untouchablez Recruiting players

All memebers have been playing a year plus, looking for new players or possible group to merge. Fully active alliance with active players glad to teach all aspects of the game. We are competive when it comes to wars and do expect all players who are opting in to use all flags, however opting out is not frowned upon at all. Vocal leaders who make sure all achieve help with necessary items for progression in the game. if looking for a new home, first home, or possible merge make sure to give us a shout.

Hey @DoctorStrange

We are about same power level at ‘Genesis Uprising’

Unfortunately only 7 spots available

Good luck with further recruitment/merge

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good luck to you as well

players of all levels welcome :slight_smile:

full war participation from all members and a great environment to learn without feeling rushed. Patience is key, and having a good environment while waiting takes the sting away. join us, and thank you to our two newest members, appreciation is our strongest attribute.

Hi there , wonder how its work for you guys on here, got any luck ? our alliance is looking to fill us up again too…Did you mention possible to merg? Lets me know how it work ? ( you guys move to us or we move to ya and so on,) . Any way you can also find me on Line ID Kent414 or look me up in my alliance F_ _k Gow. We also have our own trainning camp for newbies as well. hope to hear from you soon : )

hey bud thnx for the response. we have some plenty of room for some guys to come over and check us out. we try to keep regularly active players and people who make it fun during the wars and what not. everyone been together a year or more so very well versed in the game. if you guys wanna check us out be glad to have you. line id Untouchablez

looking for a few new members to our little family. all levels welcome

Bump! We currently are up to 17 members, hitting 8* titans. War is optional, but those who participate don’t leave flags on the field. Competitive with no restictive rules, totally get that in the end this is just a game. We are also on Line with funny banter, memes and gifs.


if i find anyone, i’ll hit u guys up

good peeps


Thanks so much Rigs!!!

Still looking to fill some spots! With only 17 members we take out 8 and 9 star titans regularly. With a few more members we could be getting 10 star titans and all that looooooot. :slight_smile:

Bumpity doo dah, bumpity day.

We were full but just had 1 spot open up for someone looking for a home!

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1 spot open for new or veteran player looking for a new home. Currently on 10 and 11* titans, getting ever closer to the goal of 14. Competetive but not overly so and a fun place to hang out. Looking for 1 player to fill out ranks.

1 spot open for any level player. Semi competitive but enough that we are in the top 1% of all alliances. War is optional but if you are in we play to win. Most of us been together a year + so very family oriented atmosphere. Mature players who understand life comes first. Thank you

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