Untold tales scrolling issue on Hard, very annoying

Hey guys!
There’s a quite annoying interface issue in Untold tales, I hope you’ll have a time to fix this.

When player completes a Hard level, screen positions to the last completed level on Normal difficulty.

Let’s say I already completed Tales on Normal.
When I start to do Hard, it goes like this:

  1. I complete 1-1 Hard lvl;
  2. screen scrolls to the locked 6th province of Hard;
  3. I gotta scroll all the way up to go to 1-2 Hard lvl;
  4. I complete 1-2 Hard;
  5. … and again I see locked 6th province, having to scroll my way up.

The correct solution is obvious:

  1. I complete 1-1 Hard lvl;
  2. screen position on 1-2 Hard lvl.
    Even if Normal is fully completed.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if any clarification is needed.
I believe Atlantis Tales aren’t the last tales, so this issue will annoy everyone for a long months and years to come :slight_smile:

@Petri , @ChuckSG , please fix this :slight_smile:


Yeah, I noticed this. It was highly annoying as I completed all of normal before starting Hard. Think they want us to complete each province on Normal and Hard before moving on to the next one. A fix would be appreciated by all I’m sure.

Just one gamer’s opinion

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Absolutely agree, when I farm avatars on 1.2 on normal, everytime I need to scroll up from level 6 up to 1… Also Annoyng! Must be fixed asap! Thanks :wink:

And one more thing.
When I farm avatars on Normal and push “Next”, screen focuses on 6th Province.
But player expects it to stay where he was.
If I farm 3rd Province, I’m done with some level and I decide to go to the “map” - I expect to see the 3rd province.

Kindly hope this addition will be taken into consideration.
@Petri , @ChuckSG