📕 Untold Tales (Mysteries of the Deep) – FAQ & Links

SG/Zynga/wtc… forgot about this.

Let´s see if with the return of the Monster Island they will also remmber about this and Raid League…


When are we getting new Untold heroes, don’t wanna waste coins trying to pull old ones

Hi any info about deadly stages? Thx


No, it was not Beta tested yet.

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oh no :roll_eyes: …it´s long time and best season

Mentions of costumes for Phorcys and Persa within v 67 files. So hopefully new Untold stuff coming soonish

Info was a bit contradictory. When you match a shell, does the benefit stay for 2 or 3 turns? Thanks.

Where is the rest of this event?

Why to have it? Why to have it Locked? Lack of ideas on what to do with it? Didn’t give you the expected profit?

SG/Zynga being SG/Zynga…