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This one could get an improvement. That breath counting bar is so slow and takes so much screen time. These status effects are all useless.

Wouldn’t mind about it but there are like 300 stages that looks exatcly the same and playing it all over is the most boring thing I ever experienced in this game

Do we know how many chapters there are going to be for Untold Tales?
I know Chapter 6 is in a couple of days, but curious how many are planned - if known.

I think six might be the end. There are no stages after whereas we’ve able to see ahead before this point. I think I remember when chapter six was released in beta they didn’t give us the last level because they want it to be a surprise live for everyone.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did untold tales for season 3 next and revisit season 2 later.

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To be honest id be happy with that. Id love more for season 1 first though.


Untoon Tales? Untold Toons?


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I’m far from finishing, but I found a new funny low oxygen build, not sure if something similar was already posted…

Snerfu deals 250 damage per attempted buff, with low oxygen they get 500 damage each round that adds up pretty fast…


This morning at 200am tried to play untold tales deadly level. I completed normal and hard but can’t play deadly level. Was wanting to know if anyone else is having the same problem.

@PlayForFun or @Dudeious.Maximus,

At a glance I can’t see if Deadly mode for Untold Tales was released yet, though I have a strong suspicion that it is not. My forum-fu is failing me right now to confirm that. Could you please help with @Ranger’s question?

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Hi Rangers! Deadly mode levels have not been released yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok thanks I thought i was having a problem eith my account can’t wait for yo open up so how challenge it will be. I walked right through hard, and normal. Hopefully deadly will be more of a challenge.