Until When?

When are you going to start giving players the due value? Because it’s already ridiculous !! Items 4 * are gone, summoning rages, especially with gems, in which we spend and has no advantage whatsoever !! There is a stampede of players giving up the game, this is totally mercenary where who to whom should be given value who are us players, we are worth nothing !!

That’s the beauty of RNG games :wink:
You can get something good for no cost at all, or spend hundreds of dollars and get a bunch 3*.
I’ve just got a royal tabard and trap tools for rank A on a 7* titan. I was A+ on a previous one, and got nothing.
No one forces you to play. Don’t like the game - just quit.


How long you play? I’ve been in this for 9 months! Level 39 and at least 8 heroes 5 * waiting to go up … it’s not a matter of liking it or not, having fun or not, it’s logical! I am always well ranked in the titans and wars and neither elemental trunks does not come anything !! I am not a newbie hurriedly wanting to go up, I know why I’m complaining, I was stopped in time !!

I, too, have been playing for 9 months. I have one 5* of each color fully ascended and several more on the way with the AM to get them there. I am very C2P verging on F2P.

I feel I have definitely gotten my value.

I’ve been in the game for almost a year. Lvl 49. Don’t spend much money. First few months was ftp, now VIP, and some cheap gems once in a while. Only 8 x 5* (2 max, 2 at lvl 4, 1x 3.70, but have mats, the rest 1.1). 23 x4* 3.01 or higher (most max, or close), over 20x 3* (3.50). I’m one of the strongest players in my alliance.
We fight 7* and 8* titans, and I’m almost always in top 3. Most of my mats come from rare quests, events (I don’t rank high, but finish all three stages). I wish I had more mats, but with those I have I managed to build pretty decent bench of heroes.
The way I see it, the most frustrated players are those, who spend a lot of money on summons, get some 5*, and want to ascend them fast. If you fight strong titans, finish rare quest and events you should be able to collect enough mats to fully ascend one rainbow team in a year. I did. My 5* rainbow team would be ready soon. For now, my main focus is on 4* (I want 25 of them fully ascended for wars).
You don’t need to have dozens of maxed 5* to have fun. You’re playing the long game. Winning all the time gets boring really quickly.
Relax, and make the best of things you have. It’s just a game!

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