Until when is this going to happen?

I’m just a mere player with three beads in the empires puzzle. Only that every day that passes is more difficult to continue the spoils of all feeling no longer help more, access items becomes . Currently in an account I have 16 epic heroes to take the last access. Gentlemen, the administrator of the game for a while, so many who will not stop playing. I have the three accounts linked to the emails (…) and (…) plus (…) if you admins look well I am a player with almost a year and Honestly, I liked the game more but today I’m already discouraged due to items that are not my bills. Today I received a chest of light (yellow) did not come an access item you only They may be crazy at what we are doing. But you must not forget that the players in the clowns are spending money so I have not come a legendary hero. I’ll be a bit thicker because of my You are nothing but a mercenary, you rascals, and without shame I feel like crap with what you’ve been doing with a bunch of suckers

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players in the clowns are spending money!

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Woah tell us more please! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::lollipop:

and posting e-mail might similar to posting account ID’s? as in discouraged?

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‘You rascals’ is what I tell a couple of 3 year olds after they’ve just “got my nose” only to let me know they were just kidding and it was their thumb the whole time.


Yeah if it hasn’t happened in over a year of playing why would it change now?

You are right , I barely understood what you said .

Sounds kinky but ignore my train of thought. :thinking:


I dont know,being new and all that,but,i spend some " real" money but withing reason($20-25 a month. )
Maybe I’m naive but i don’t expect too much from summons,chests etc. Wishes but no real expectations, been surprisingly lucky and happy overall.
Everything i get woll be used, food, bench warners, expendable peons, whatever.
I do enjoy the game a lot, so no real complaints here.

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not before I sent them to a Nigerian prince I know who recently inherited a large some of money! hey, maybe you dont need the money, but OP would appreciate it to sustain his EnP habits :wink:


Very considerate of you. :face_with_monocle:

guys excuse my text, but and because I’m outraged with the game the translator re translator do not help me

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I just wanted to say that game administrators are mercenary

Because for a long time I do not know what to gain an items to raise the level of my heroes, I think this is absurd

The other posters are just teasing you. They don’t mean it seriously.

I am more than 4 months without gaining gloves and compass as I will raise the level of my heroes, to the suckers who can afford to spend money do not care

4 month without getting any of gloves and compass? :astonished:

  1. do you join alliance, and hit titan?
  2. do you fill trio chest (monster-raid-titan)?
  3. do you click mystic vison?
  4. do you participate war?
  5. do you farm a Rare Quest (this is guaranteed), in Farholme Pass 1 (glove) and Farholme Pass 2 (compass)

Edit: screenshot:

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I am the leader of the alliance, compass only in events, but gloves never saw

I can post the amount of heroes I have waiting for items to evolve

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