Unsufficient Recruit Problem

Hey guys&gals!

After Atlantis Rises started, i realized there is a huge problem with unsufficient recruits. I am more or less 2 year old player, before the start of atlantis rises, I had 10k trainning queued on one of the TC11’s. I am nearly done with most buildings except farms and mines, so for now I am saving all those irons on HA6 and food on TC20. After the first day of AR, I took back more than 2k trainings from TC11 (that makes 4k recruits) and I still have ~700 backpacks waiting to be put on TC2.

This is not a huge problem for now. In the short term, this unsufficient recruit problem will not effect old players, but on the other hand new players will be effected more and more.

As a side note, I am also using Adv.House lvl10 and getting daily recruits from there too. But my TC11 is drying day by day :open_mouth:

I have been playing for 30 months.
I am having recruits problem all the time…hahaha.
Keep on grinding.

Hold my recruits. :rofl: (22 months in the game)


I did this:

Now I run 4x TCs with barely 3-5 days tops. Got all my food back and invested it in troops leveling.

Our problem is unsufficient recruit, not food problem here, lol
I do not wanna kill my recruits, what a cruel way! :smiley:

Yeah, I know. Just wanted to share this tactics here. It did me good!

There are stages on AR that give more than 20 recruits per round…

I have 1 TC 20 (2 days) 2 TC 2 and 1 TC1 running with less than a day queue and I don´t feel any problem. If I can´t keep the pace just go back to TC11… The real problem of new players will be mats and heroes to level more than recruits.