Unstable connection

Hello everyone am I the only one having trouble staying connected and it takes way longer than normal to connect ??? Got booted out a few times today also ??
Btw my 4G working fine tried even streaming video to see and it’s perfect so it’s not my internet or device!!

And now it’s unable to connect with server ??

What brand and model phone are you using, and what OS and version?

There are a couple other people who had issues with Samsung devices, and I’ve been trying to help them figure out if there’s some commonality in their issues, so I’m wondering if yours might be related.

I’m a Xiaomi A5 android 7

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Hmm, so if it’s an Android issue, it could be related. Otherwise perhaps not.

Did you upgrade to the new V20 yet?

Nope I usually get a Message in game inbox when to upgrade I’ll check the play store

Nope it’s not out for Android

Some people have said they have it for Android, I think it comes out in waves.

I’m just wondering if upgrading will help at all, in the same way deleting/reinstalling sometimes does.

Are you still having intermittent issues, or are you locked out completely now?

Back in and seems to be fine just a glitch
If they are working on version 20 to be released in the next few days/hours I’m my area maybe it’s normal !!!
Probably getting released by country or section on a map or continent

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Glad to hear you’re back in!

I wonder if it actually might have something to do with the rollout. I don’t know if that creates server load increases if they have people on each version connecting to different servers perhaps.

Let’s hope it was just a blip for you, and things stay stable now. :slight_smile:

And hopefully you’ll get the upgrade soon! I don’t have it either, but iOS always comes later than the Android updates.

Ohh do you know what country the people who already have it are in ?
Well as we all know server issues have been present lately hopefully next version to be more reliable whatever caused the crashes these past weeks !!

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I’m not sure, I’ve heard sporadic people mention it and didn’t pay attention to who had it to know where it’s rolled out.

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