Unsatisfactory Response to community feedback


You admitted your mistake regarding the Gigantic offer that you only gave to non spenders. You said sorry. You locked out the reply option because you dont want to hear what people think about this. Sorry does not rectify the problem. You must make the same offer available to all.


Will sorry fix the difference in teams of hero’s that got 5* hero’s as a result of this? NO!
Make the deal available to everyone or credit everyone 6000 gems as a balance.
Sorry is not enough smallgiant


I honestly think that you have a great game here.
That many enjoy but to make an offer to a selected few is wrong in so many ways.
It shouldn’t matter spenders or none spenders everyone should be entitled to the same deal.
And more so for the players that have been contributing to the game.

And not replying to the people that matter to keep the game going isn’t productive for anyone.

Only you created a forum to read and nor take action.

Up dates are normally better I’m mean you may as well call it a downgrade.
You can easily rectify the wrongs in all of this I recommend you do or more good people will leave.


I think it makes a major difference what the offer is/was. I do not have issues with their offering targeted at new players for example. That makes sense. The reason this offer was both a mistake and an insight to how they think of us is it ignored those who have been supporting the game with money so far and the discount was so very egregious as to be stupid.

What mhalttu and the rest failed to understand is that many who have played a long time will never spend at the levels they want. So they took the $3 offer, they still will not buy the gems at the higher price. The failure here was in not understanding how this particular offer would make those of us who have been loyal fans and who have spent real hard earned cash on the game feel.

The message I heard in this offer was, “You Suckers are already hooked, we don’t care about you anymore.” Now regardless of their real motives, that is not a good message to send.

Bottom line, targeted offers are not the issue, what those offers are and how the rest of the fan base sees them does.


I won’t comment on Small Giant’s decisions, but I did quickly want to mention that they only locked the main admin post. There are already threads ongoing on this discussion. The only moderation being done for those is to combine new threads with the same topic with the ones already existing.

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I don’t get a sense that as many players are as upset about this as the op suggests.

Small Giant offered a promotion to mainly brand new players it seems or to those who are infrequent players. As an almost daily player my first reaction is “so what?”

Still, for those who wanted to buy gems at a bargain price they offered an apology and pulled the offer before more players potentially became offended.

So now infrequent players may quit because catching up in progress with more active players will be more or too difficult.

I’d like to point out the irony of expecting generosity from small giant games while feeling envious and jealous of other players who received a generous offer in an attempt to increase the player base.

Personally I say be generous to newbie and infrequent players, they deserve to have fun too. And so far, Small Giant (SG) has consistently offered generous gem buy specials for all players which if they continue to do so makes everyone happy.

I doubt this $3 deal was offered to high frequency, low buy-in players. If so I would likely have seen it on my Son’s account which I basically play every day but have only spent $5 on.

So, unless you have some hard numbers to prove their offer was given to daily, low buy-in players I see that argument as a red herring meant to distract people from some greedy and compulsive feelings behind all these complaints.

Bottom line, it’s a game, if you don’t like how they run it, you can always quit, there’s no shortage of rpg’so out there to choose from.



I play daily and never spent on the game, thus I believe this offer was for players who have never paid. Your son’s $5 likely disqualified him from this offer.


@ZapperCat; Except this is what they have said clearly in their apology note. Their target was the long time player who has not spent real cash. This is not a guess, it is a fact they have stated.

EDIT: Here is the direct quote from their note:

“The idea of the Gigantic Discount Offer was to identify the people who have been playing the game for a very long time, but still haven’t made a single purchase. We wanted to try to make them an offer they simply could not refuse.”


You’re right , dafrca, I couldn’t make it out from your screen shot above but when I went and read the original post I saw that they had explicitly stated their intentions with the offer in their own words…

It seems they were attempting a bit of experimental psychology using their customer base as Guinea Pigs.

Okay, my mistake for not researching this completely before posting, sorry! And I’ve got to say while the ratio of gems to money on this offer doesn’t personally offend me I definitely would be up in arms if, say, they offered 10000 gems for $1 or 600 gems for 6 cents. Lols!

Seems Small Giant has learned a lesson about the inherent indignity and sneakiness of haggling. I imagine even with this offer an appreciable number of “never spent a dime on this game” players still didn’t bite. That’s because for some folks getting the “best” of someone in a bargain is an obsession. For the rest of us SG has set a real world value for this particular game’s virtual currency of gems at from 1 to 1.25 cents US per gem (depending on the deal you buy) and the “cost” of a 5* hero at about $26 to $52 if you use the 10x roll on the elemental offers.

So, now I totally get why everyone was up in arms because SG completely undercut the rules of their own economy just because it was bugging them that some people really, really wanted to play for free.

Lesson for everyone: don’t get hung up on the idea of “a deal you can’t refuse!”


Also, several of the “regulars” in my Alliance got the offer as well. And Brobb has stated on this forum that he also received the offer. From his own posts, Brobb has said he is a high level daily player and not someone struggling to catch-up to the crowd.

I don’t have a problem with special deals to non-paying players. I see it all the time in other games. The biggest difference here is that this deal was such a game changer that it royally screwed over the paying customers.

Honestly I think the only way to fix this mess is to offer the deal to everyone that didn’t get it, or at least something equivalent.


Actually, the ones threatening to quit are long-term daily players who have spent a lot of money.

Also, this offer doesn’t guarantee a 5*, it’s merely 5 epic tokens, and enough gems to roll ten more. But that’s the point to someone who has blown $400 and not received a single 5*: this represented a chance at 5*s, for a reasonable amount of money. I have several disgruntled players in my alliance who have spent…who do feel taken advantage of.

I think the interest in this offer doesn’t represent jealousy of other players so much as a desire for vindication of all the money spent thus far.

My two cents.

P.S. I don’t think it should be easy to get a 5*. But it discourages me to learn that others putting in well over what I can afford haven’t gotten them either. I don’t want a guaranteed 5*, but I would like a chance. And this Gigantic offer would have given me fifteen chances.

EDIT: My math sucks…would have given me 6000 / 300 = 20 + 5…so, a lot of chances!!! :grin:


More than 15 chances, 20 just in individual buys alone, could buy 2 10 packs and have enough for 2 more single buys plus the tokens


Several of my alluance members got this offer. None of them ever spent money in thd game before that iffer and all play daily. It litterally was meant justfor those who never buy. And screwed over everyone who has supported the game with their real hard earned money. And no offer I have ever seen was ever even remotely close to being fantastic like their gigantic deal. Their prices are way too high for gems. If they made their prices more reasonable they would sell more but their just plain greedy they know they git a game ppl like so their milking it. The proff is right in the fact that when players git wind that this huge offer was only nade to ppl who never bought they pulled it rather than offering it to everyone. They even stopped replying to ppl who were asking about it. And now their basically waiting for it to go away. Problem is they might see a large group of previously paying players uninstall or just never buy again I know I wont buy again
Its pretty unfair to not reward the very ppl who actually payed to play and helped get them to where they are.


Yup, that’s 28 Epic summons with 200 gems left over, and some misc. loot for $3usd. If you were to buy the gems outright it’s in the $80usd range.


I repent for my sucky math skills. I swear next time I’ll be awake when I post :grin:


I have been playing for a few months now, and quite enjoy the game. I am lucky, I work full time and earn good money. I spend in this game and have developed a fairly good team. The offers I have bought in the past, some of the bigger ones, were $140 Aud. That got me 10000 gems, and some ascension materials. The gigantic deal, was $5 Aud, for 6000 gems and 5 epic summon tokens and some misc items. I calculate that at 14 x better value than the best value offer I ever received. 1500% better value.

This is why people are upset. I am not particularly upset, I was happy enough to spend the money originally, and was reasonably pleased with what I received.

In a game like this that has a competitive pvp mode, with people spending money to win or to be competitive, any offer that is not to everyone is going to be seen to be favouritism by those that dont receive it. I really think thats all you need to do.

All the offers to all the players. Fair.

Thanks for listening.


That’s all there is to it.


Well new “Epic” offer has been pushed. Devs have a pretty warped sense of the community if they think this is a good offer: $20usd for 8 epic summons vs. $3 for 28 epic.


Here is the offer. I looked at it in terms of gems. It is discounted. I just wish it was offered in a smaller amount (what can I say? the cat is broke!) :grin:


That’s messed up its 27.99 on my screen I live in Canada I wonder if that is the reason