Unreasonable Emblem Odds [Developer Response in Post 100]

All of that is super helpful and appreciated @madmarv but you shouldn’t have to manipulate the system to that extent just to maybe max 10 heroes per year.

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I’d be mental to spend that much gems daily on chest acceleration :wink: I open 2 raid and 2 monster chests per day. Had a day off from work today and decided to experiment and check out the odds on emblem drops with raid chests acceleration. Current opinion is that drop rates are a joke, but that might change with time and better luck.

Cheers for the tutorial btw :+1:

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Thanks 20 characters

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Thanks, I agree that the emblem loot system is still way too inadequate to supply a good game experience.

I wrote a post in beta asking the devs what kind of game do they envision this becoming? One where players only have a few or maybe one really good team, or a plethora of Talented teams at all star levels.

There’s pretty much never a response directly from the game developers. I for one would like to see the latter case because I like building teams out of a wide variety of heroes. To get there, the game has to figure out a way to get more emblems to everyone regardless of their play style (F2P or P2P).


I know I’m in a tiny minority, but I’m glad the drop rates are extremely low on emblems. It means the game meta will be slower to shift, which is an extremely good thing, IMO.


The point that I was trying to make was that between getting a 5* and then leveling them and then maxing emblems - you’re talking over 12 months, God knows how much cash, and an insane amount of resources. I’m just not sure if that is going to be worth it for me and a lot of other players who have busted their hump and wallets for their current armys.


Fair enough. But much like freaking out over your sports team losing its first 2 or 3 games in a 100 game season, I think it’s a bit early to sound the air raid sirens of despair. Let’s see what the weekly raids and other special events have for emblem drop rates. After more data, then we can better assess if it really will take 20 years to max a team, or if it might not be as bad as the first few days suggest.


People aren’t complaining that their particular drop rates are bad. No one’s drop rates are good. We’re learning what the odds are for getting emblems through various means, and they aren’t looking good. Normal Titan loot? Zero, per @Petri. Rare titan loot? About as common as the 4* roll. Chests? Zero or one, with small odds of 2 or 3. Elemental chests? Anywhere from 0 to 50, but mostly around 5.

This isn’t telescopes we’re talking about, where you need 6 to max a hero. You need 1500 emblems to max a 5* hero. You need 65 just to take the first step on the tree. If a diligent grinder using gems to speed up chests is getting 2-10 emblems per day, plus 72/week from Trials, then we’re looking at about 6,000 emblems per year, 600 per Class. So about 30 months to max a 5* hero, though in that time you get one from each class maxed.

To me, this is unacceptably long. A month goes by, and a few weeks, and I can finally get +1 on each of 10 heroes. This is is supposed to give me a sense of progression, really? The Antarctic ice sheets are melting faster (unfortunately).

My biggest concern is that SGG’s plan is to keep this drop rate at sub-snail pace but start throwing lots of paid offers for emblems.


you do understand maths that 36 emblems per quest is sht right?
right now it takes 1 whole year to max a rainbow team of 5
for 4* mat ascension alone, that’s taking into account your team is strong enough to challenge quest.
Now for emblem, it’s on a whole new level of grind.
Lets say average of 4 emblems per day(optimistic) from daily chests + 2/3 elemental chest per month + 2 emblems quests per week
(4 * 365) + (3 * 30 * 12) + (76 * 52) = 6492 emblems per year
on average, only 650 emblems per class per year
fully maxed 5* = 3000 emblems
that takes average of 5 years to max a rainbow team, and that is taking in account none of your rainbow team has 2 or more hero of the same class.

I’m tired of the grinding and would anytime call it quit.

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And have we seen new weekly events yet? No.

What if 10, 20, or even 50+ emblems can be won from weekly events?

That could be 2600 more emblems per year. And that’s only one set of weekly events. There could be more emblems drop from other challenges and events. It all adds to the annual total. Divide accordingly to calculate expected monthly or weekly average emblem earning potentials.

It’s too early to calculate yearly totals based on 2 days’ worth of drops. In my most humble opinion. I reserve the right to be wrong and everyone else reserves the right to beg to differ with me.

But in my estimation:

Patience, grasshopper. Patience.


You’re right - it remains to be seen as to how many emblems we get but it seems that everyone agrees that they need to be MUCH higher than they currently are.

I may be pleasantly surprised, but SGG’s modus operandi with events is to give out nice rewards to a tiny number of people. As I know too well (and you, I believe, do not) winning or placing in these events is a huge sinkmof time, energy, resources and gems. I may be pleasantly surprised, but if there are emblems awarded, the top 100 players or so in each weekly raid challenge—to be released at some unspecified date this year—will get them. That leaves about a million players with no extra emblems.

If we were talking about just your experience or mine, I agree. But we are aggregating a lot of people’s two-day experiences and seeing a consistent pattern: very slow emblem drops. Not merely rare, but an un-fun level,of drops.

I care too much about this game to let this design decision go unchallenged. The devs can change it easily. They should. I’m not,looking for a flood, but even guaranteeing one emblem per chest would make the grind feel a bit worthwhile.


If they keep the drop rate, they should do something to the cost.


Lol, 1 year if you speed chest and are high enough to play (and complete) all the stages of the class quests.
Aka, 1 year if you are an older that pay visit to this forum.

In ll other cases it takes longer, lol.


Gee, look…new challenge event: “Trials of Strength”.

Earn 36 emblems.

How interesting…

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wait till they come with a trial which needs sorcerer class. then you will see rage.
Looking at my arsenal of heroes… oh i only have sabina and ghost girl as sorcerer, both purple, both sitting at level 1-1 cos there are much better heroes to level.

Seriously, SG?


I sorted my heroes according to class, and yep. Some of these trials are going to be fun!
I have serious druid problems (no melendor or caedmon, my strongest druids are… brienne and belith!), and to a lesser extent paladin and wizard problems.

On the plus side, it gives me new and pressing motivations for leveling and ascension priorities!
Like, hidden blades be darned, Zimkitty to 2-60 asap. Put buddy on ice and level gadeirus. Ergh.


You’re confusing challenge events and quests

The trials are considered quests(class quests basically)

Events(challenge events, raid events) are competitions and that’s what kerri thought you were referring to

And yes the “quests” every 2 days will be nice but the regular drops could be better.

I finally just got a couple emblems this morning out of a monster chest, first regular monster chest that has given any since release and i fill chests as soon as possible while skipping timers with gems

I don’t see where guaranteeing at least 1 emblem per chest and titan will hurt the design. Preferably at least 3 emblems(5 seems like too many, 1 doesnt seem like enough), but i would be alright with a compromise of at least 1 emblem per chest and per titan. Elemental chests should give no less than 20(preferably 30 but would settle for 20). The quests seem fine as is to me.

I also don’t think 3 emblems for 5 classes for epic tier completion in monthly events and 5 emblems in the other 5 classes for legendary would be asking a whole lot considering the events are only once a month. 5 events, could alternate which classes get 3 and which get 5 each month.

I haven’t crunched any numbers like other people have. This is all just surface perspective but seems like fair changes to me. I could be way out of line on all of these suggestions

Anyways that’s just my 2 cents


Massively exaggerated for first two. Did both with a 1885 team, including a 2* lvl1


Go back to my first post and you’ll see that I included 72 emblems/week from Trials. These were completely expected and serve as the (welcome) baseline emblem drops. 72/week = 3,744 emblems/year from Trials.

But it makes a big difference whether the average reward from chests is about 1 or 2. Lets use 5 chests per day for a hard worker with some acceleration of chests with gems. That’s 1,825 chests/year. If, as today, we get about 1 emblem/chest, that’s 1,825 emblems/year. If there’s at least one emblem/chest, we’re up to 3,650/year.

There’s a nice symmetry there: “farming” emblems (chests) drops about the same as you get from special quests. Compare this to rare ascension mats, where I think farming gives somewhat more than the rare quests (esp. from diamond raid chests).

Elemental chests don’t seem to be as lucrative as first reported. 10 emblems now seems to be good loot. That rate should be doubled, to 20. With an average drop rate of one per 2 weeks, this is all chicken feed.

Now let’s look at titans. Suppose regular titans dropped some emblems, say 0 to 3, with a bonus emblem on 7* and above and another bonus at 14* and above. That would add 2.5 emblems per 23 hours for most people, or 952 emblems/year.

Winning wars should have solid emblem loot. We’ll see tomorrow, but suppose winners got 5, 10, or 20 emblems, with an average of 10. That adds 520 emblems/year on average.

That brings us to:

Source Current estimate Proposed
Trials 3,744 3,744
Chests 1,825 3,650
Elementals 260 520
Titans 0 952
Wars ? 520
Total 5,829 9,386

So with these higher drop rates, we get 62.6% of the way to maxing ten 5* in a year, compared to 38.9% under the current odds (excluding war).

Doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.