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You wouldn’t want all of these top tier heroes if they were easy to come by. Most of these people complaining about how hard it is to come by this hero or that hero, don’t seem to realise that this is the very reason that they want that hero in the first place. I get that a ten pull is a lot of money, but would anyone be bothered about Guin if you could pull her easily from daily summons?? Or am i just crazy? Let me know!


Not really. Not sure if you know the game Magic the Gathering. Similar ideas, but a card game. I always wanted to do a lot of combinations play different colors, etc. The advantage of MtG was that you COULD play what you wanted. In E&P I have to combine with whatever they give me. I would love to try different combinations, different colours - no way. I actually like the analytical part of the game rather than russian roulette.

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I don’t know much about Magic but the differentiating aspect of this game I suppose though is starving players of best cards creates an incentive to spend an unknown quantity of money until they do get the card they want…

(if that even happens at all)

The devs aren’t too concerned about giving everyone an opportunity to try every strategy or hero under the sun unfortunately

That’s a fair point. But isn’t this game supposed to be more of a marathon than a sprint. There’s some decent heroes you can pull from TC 20. And being lucky in a pull is the best feeling ever. My first four start pull, when i saved 300 gems, also bagged me a bonus HOTM, Aegir. Surely that’s what the game is really about? The excitement?

Yes it surely is, I am in 3/4 of my first year and I was somehow VERY lucky - not true F2P, not true P2W, something between, I got my first 4 of my 14 5* A+ class, allowing me to get into a global rank 1 within 9 months. But my point is more likely that I will never be able to try some heroes or some combinations- e.g. Mok-Arr with Khiona and with Panter - both defense and attack. Even if I play 100 years the probability of getting all these 3 is more then a marathon. In Magic I would simply swap my cards with someone else and played another month or two something different- special combo no one ever though of. I think that this is impossible here. Yes I was very excited when I got my first 5* (it was HoTM), I was VERY excited when my second hero from TC20 was Sartana, but I still feel sad there is a part of the game which will stay out of my reach.

That is a good point. But on the flip side, does the fact that you are limited to which heroes you can get and level not add an extra level of dimension to the game? If everyone could get every hero, wouldn’t everyone’s team pretty much look the same? Wouldn’t that be a boring game?

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Yes, you are right, it would. My nightmare would be to see boring standard Hel-Zeline-Guin-GM-Alasie everywhere, not just in 50 of 100 top players. I will wait and see, maybe some other combos will eventually come :slight_smile:


If Guinevere would be awarded by map completion or stll with her event’s summon at 0,33% chance I still would love to make her my tank.
It’s not about how hard she is to get, it’s all about how strong she is and, casually, the strongest heroes are the hardest to get.

Yes, that would surely be boring… a good solution could be to make all heroes viable/good by balancing them, then we would see every hero with different compositions.

Let’s say we can compromised from extremely hard to come by to sufficiently hard to obtain :joy:

Yep the only way to fix that is to make all 5* heroes roughly balanced (thus creating a strategy game in the vein of Starcraft where all 3 races - Zerg, Terran + Protoss - were perfectly balanced), which is either impossible or the devs wouldn’t want to do it anyway because the demand for certain heroes gives them $$.

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