Unpopular opinion…more heroes coming out = good thing!

I keep seeing people complain about the amount of new heroes coming out and how it’s ruining the game. I think it’s actually a good thing.
You’re not supposed to own every hero. It would be less fun if everyone did. Years ago when there were much fewer heroes, one would constantly face the same line ups in raids. Now, there is lots of variety.


You are correct….it will be an unpopular opinion :joy:


It is not about owning every hero. It is about NOT getting the new ones and quickly become less competitive.


Hope you don’t mind a couple questions, what’s the cup range you usually raid? Do you play wars in a top100 Alliance? Also (and no flame intended, you can skip this one) how much do you spend per year/month?


I’m usually around 2700 to 2800 cops on raids. I’m kind of sick of seeing xenopod as tank right now, but it’s still better than back before Telly was nerfed. My alliance right now is at 1700, no where near top 100. I’m strictly F2P. Been playing for a few years now.

The problem is that it’s a different game because of it. Players who are used to the old rate aren’t going to like having their game changed. Players who adapt are going to be okay with it. Magic The Gathering did this too. Players got pissed that new cards were coming out faster than they could collect them. The game still thrived, but it was a different game. More chaotic. More “surprise!.. you didn’t expect THAT to happen!”.

Some people hate that. Others love it.

Problem here is that people are invested, and changing the development plan turns them off.


It’s not necessarily the amount I have a problem with, it’s the amount of new heroes PLUS the rate at which they come out PLUS the still-dismal odds of actually getting any of the new ones PLUS the fact that newer heroes are becoming more powerful, leaving old ones in the dust (I wouldn’t have nearly as much a problem with it if new heroes just gave new gameplay mechanisms / skills rather than also having higher stats AND multiple passives AND family bonuses…)

Though as I don’t spend anyway, I doubt I’m in SG’s target audience for actually getting any of the new 5* :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d have nothing against new heroes if they would be more balanced.
At this point we have situation that hero released in Janurary is too weak at the beginning of March.

Just look at this - Eloise is a hero with 803 atk, 793 def and 1390 hp. She deals 270% damage to all enemies, destroys all Minions from all enemies and casting immune to new Minions for 4 turns. On Average mana speed.

In other side we have Qunitus. 747 atk 636 def, 1380 hp. He deals 270% damage to all enemies. On Slow mana. And that’s it.

I don’t say new heroes should be as “weak” as S1 regular heroes - but we are rushing to point when heroes that were OP 5 :star: are weakier than new 4 :star:.

New heroes are good - but 5 new heroes each month that each of them is more powerful than entire set of previous month 5 :star: - it’s bad.


Agreed. The power of new heroes basically puts to shame what used to be a perfectly good roster. The rate that the new heroes are released just makes it even worse. I don’t care about owning every hero, it just ■■■■■■ me off that now I can barely get by in war and tournaments and have to spend a lot of time reading enemy hero cards with endless details of specials and passives and other bonuses. It really ruins the few actually fun parts of the game.


Yeah I got bored of seeing Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll Tell, re-roll, GM oh great.

If every newly released hero didn’t also increase in overall power I’d agree with you. If it was only new heroes with new specials, but at same power levels stat wise it would be fine mostly. However with the power creep if you aren’t pulling the new heroes then you’re falling behind. Great for $G’s bottom line, horrible for an enjoyable game.


Last month’s new heros are already out dated with the amount they are pumping out. You better bust that card out of you want to stay relevant in this game.


I have some good and bad news for you.

Good news: You’ll be glad to hear that with the newest beta release, power creep is a thing of the past.

Bad News: Replacing it with power sprint probably isn’t what you had in mind, though.


Old players like my self hav left or stopped playing due to the constant push to release new hero’s. Plus the rest witch is a big list lol.

This is a game for the wealthy players now with alot of time on there hands. SG know this hence the extreme ads, events, tournaments, constant new heros. plus many more.

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As many have said you can literally decide what you want to do, there are a ton of things available but it’s not compulsory.

I think people just feel left behind when they used to be able to do X and now cant… so i get the complaints, i think a stream of new content is good, season 3 and ninjas being added were nice… okay new events and replacing old ones, i guess they were a bit old, wait now retiring events less than a year old? Multiple new stuff every month? The pace is much different… so people feel left out, and it creates the reactions we see here.


I get the power creep and i get that new heroes are getting stronger and stronger.

I dont get when people say heroes from a month ago are obsolete or you cant stay relevant unless you have the very latest heroes.

A rainbow team of ariel luigi gulli viscaro and noor can beat many of the top defenses, and that is certainly not a current team.

There are timeless heroes like grimble xnol lord loki who will always be relevant and will always keep you competitive.

The challenge level may be going up incrementally but you certainly dont have to spend heavily to stay relevant, as long as you have a decent base of decent older heroes. (Not referring to s1 non costume heroes)

And I guess the silly pov daily’s, they’re the ones I have to do

I do like the fact there are many heroes, but it’s still the same similar lineup’s I constantly see in defenses for wars or raids, so even if there are 100000 heroes, there are obvious “better” ones, and this to me is the problem.

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I’d be more open to these new heroes if they:

  • Took their time in developing the events instead of trying to force new junk out evey 2 months.
  • Readjusted the roster space for the lot of us that would love to obtain these new heroes but expect us to do that with what might be only 1 free spot for feeders (assuming no one used gems to expand space)
  • Looked over the heroes that we’re actually more likely to get and consider buffing several of them. (i.e. Classic heroes continue to sit things out over non-Classic heroes because Special Skill or stats suck)
  • Adjusted the odds that made chasing even the EPIC heroes less of a chore.
    ** The introduction of Black Friday Summons/Solstice Sumons and even the Challenge Festivals greatly help with getting non-Classic heroes. While it was nice they also added the “retired” old Challenge Event heroes to HA5 and HA8 as actual training odds (and not "retrain your EPICs for 14 weeks for a chance of getting 1 specific Challenge Event hero you’re missing), they do need to add a few more of those.
  • Adjusted the duration of HA10 retrainings OR make non-Classic heroes have a higher chance of being pulled. Idk how the odds are calculated, but it feels like S1 heroes were 90% and everything else is 1%.
    ** QoL thing: that HA10 list is starting to get cluttered that y’all might just specify which Events/Families/etc. are being added/pullable. Or redirect to a post here.

And then alongside the constant stream of new heroes, it makes using aethers on some of the heroes we already have seem pointless if the next batch of heroes would be even MORE stronger than, say, Frigg that’s limit broken AND has +20 emblems. Almost makes me choosing to accumulate them instead of using them immediately seem smart since there’ll eventually be a newer, better hero that does the exact same thing but faster or with better stats. (i.e. Isarnia at slow mana reduces AoE defense vs. Morel at fast mana ALMOST having uncleansable AoE defense down.)