Unofficial TL;DR, SGG AMA (3/19)

Take this down if it’s a waste of space, but that transcript is long and I imagine people aren’t giving it a proper read to see what’s relevant to the game. I made this TL;DR for my alliance mate @spilopleura and thought others might appreicate it.

AMA Transcript

Gameplay relevant notes:

  • By the end of the year there will be a stronghold upgrade. There will be a new TC(or an upgrade to a TC) Some earlier HTOM could be theoretically possible to get through the new TC. Also troops could be acquired through there as well. Probably in beta before summer.
  • Alchemy Lab will convert lower-rarity items into a chance at hgher-rarity items.
  • Hero Academy exists. (I’m not clear if this is different than the TC thing) They might consider allowing a hero converter. Insert 4*(s) to train a chance at a different 4*, etc.
  • They want to add Quality of Life improvements like alliance participation statistics or improving roster management, but those items are low prioirity compared to new features so don’t get the same level of focus. Improving AR is a high-priority QoL item.
  • There are plans to add more teamwork-based features beyond Titans and War. There will be a sneak peek later this year.
  • Valentines day-type offers will exist in the future, but not super frequently. They don’t want to set an unreasonable standard of gift giving.
  • Season 2/Atlantis will continue occurring monthly once the story completes. Season 3 is being worked on, but far away(I’d guess 2020).
  • The skins feature (Chef Boldtusk, etc) is more than just skins, the skins actually have a stat boost effect on the hero. The skins will currently only apply to Classic heroes(no HOTM, etc) The aim is to go to beta in the summer.
  • Now that there are 5 challenge events out(1 for each element), they will go back and improve the old challenge events(new heroes for the old events, take a look at the rules, consider adding a challenge even summon token)
  • All staff have E&P accounts that they play daily. They are out there among us.
  • They aren’t finished reviewing the latest round of beta applications.
  • Raid Tournaments should be live in a month or so. They want to have the other three features in beta in a few months, released within half-year. (stronghold update, skins, challenge event update)

Things I’ve not included are things like discussions on topics like tiles distribution randomness, community negativity, and the staff Christmas party.

Mods please edit if you think there’s something I’ve clearly overlooked.


Great summary, thanks. I think that covered all the high points. I’ve linked this thread within the transcript.


Great summary, thanks for writing it!

A couple small potential points of clarification for someone who only reads this summary, and not the longer transcript:

My understanding is that those will be different things in the current thinking — but that could also change.

It might not be a stat boost in particular — Tim seemed to say they’re thinking about other ways to improve the classic heroes than just bumping stats. But it’s also very much not finalized, so it’s hard to say.

I think it’s a bit more accurate to say they’ll improve the hero in some way yet to be determined.

You left out Aife nerf is still on the table.


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