Unmuteable ads

A few days ago, I got a message about Twitter ads in Mystic Vision. Since then, I have been getting lots of ads that

  1. come in at full volume
  2. have no mute button
    I really don’t need the “whining fish” to scream out all the time.

Some Google ads still show — these have a mute button, but often have to be unmuted and remuted before this is honored. I’ve even had ads that show a mute button, but just ignore it.

Is there a solution to this short of keeping the phone’s speaker muted except when I absolutely need it?


I personally typically report adds that are like that saying that “something seems off”… Then you don’t see those adds again…

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These new ads also don’t have a report button.

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To me a good QOL would be to being able to remove starting ads’ audio effects from the game’s settngs… like, when I got home from work it’s around 02:30 and if God’s forbid I didn’t lower my ringtone to 0 then an “audiobomb” would occour.

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I had a phone that the OEM spec’ed out the software to allow you to tailer the output volume of each app and it would remember. I literally muted the game for forever and was done with it.

Sadly my new phone doesn’t have that feature :frowning:

Probably not a helpful solution then :man_shrugging:

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