Unlucky ten pulls with 4 of same hero

Yes I understand it’s a game of chance especially when you do a not one summon but 10 in a row however shouldn’t the game designers prevent something like this from happening? I did at 10 pull on the dark Heroes . what did I get? I got four Sabines I already have one that I’ve almost maxed out but now I’ve got four more and to top it off I decide to do a single summon right after it and what did I get? Another Sabine ! yes I know she is a great healer but isn’t enough is enough? Can’t the developers do something to avoid multiples duplicates when someone does a 10 pull or a 30 pull?

Has anyone gotten this unlucky by getting four of the same?

Ive gotten 3 banes in 1 x10 pull…

Elemental summons has a great advantage and a great disadvantage at the same time.
Advantage because you get for sure the color you need, disadvantage because there’s pretty much only 12 heroes avalaible, and on a 10x pull chance of duples is really high.

Still i’m totally in favor of getting a minimum reward (at least one 4*) and a cap of 3 copycats per 10 summons.

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@Thundermask, have you taken a moment to consider that maybe Sabina has a crush on you? That this is her passive way of alerting you to the fact that she is interested?!

I, myself, am plagued with Gil-Ra…I’ve kept one just to be polite. I’ve only ever leveled her through auto-canabolism. She is now at 3/27. I hope she gets the message soon…but I know that when the next Atlantis rolls around she will be back with slimy arms wide open.

I’m sorry for your frustration!


3 Rudolph’s here.
Wish the elemental summons you have a good chance of multiples. Not surprised really. At least it wasn’t 4 priscas

In a purple elemental summons, you have a limited number of heroes to choose from (5x 3 star, 4x 4 star, and 4x 5 star). The chance of you NOT pulling duplicates on a 10 pull is pretty slim.

I did a purple 10x because it’s the only one I dont have a 5* for and got 3 Rigards, 4 Balthazars and 3 Tyrums. I already have a nearly maxed Rigard and Balthazar. So yeah, been that unlucky before.

OMG this is one of the funniest posts I have ever read! You are a true comedian, friend!

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As several people have said, because there are only 4 of each kind of hero in the elemental gates, multiples are really common. Getting 4 of the same 4* is going to happen about once in every 350 10-pulls or so. So it’s a little unlucky, but not horrible.

You’ll get 4 of the same 3* almost 7% of the time. So…at least you got some better feeders?

Sounds like you could make an entry here though:

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