Unlucky RANDOM couple of weeks!

First and foremost although a few will disagree this is not a complaint thread. The last couple of weeks have been by far the worst I have ever had for luck. Mystic vision has been unkind,( I know that it usually only drops great stuff about once a month) my last three filled Titan chest have contained no Valuable ascension mats( which is very unusual because I cannot recall one that hasn’t ) and then today I opened a HOLY elemental chest and for sure it is the worst one I’ve ever had. I so look forward to elemental chest because I always get a valuable ascension mat and some kind of gold tokens. Hopefully the run of bad luck will turn into a run of random Bliss. Happy new year to all ! :grinning: although disappointed I am still playing with a smile on my face​:sunglasses:

P.S.- if anyone needs a few Chamille shirts​:joy: I have 173 now, take what you will :grinning:

I had scabbards to go with all your chain mail :rofl::rofl:


How many gems do you have in this chest? It can be worst chest for @nes guiness book

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I know I got 30 gems but I still think I’m in the running :joy:

So congrats, you got worst rare chest (this probably didnt make you happy :joy:)


Jonah I do believe I am suffering or at least starting to suffer from a little dementia. I do have an unrelated question to this thread. Seems to me when I first started playing this game that when I was looking for a particular Mat that if I would touch hidden Blade it would say these are available in stage one starting at Providence 16 and more likely to get in Providence 19. In other words I could get a hidden Blade from regular farming when I started this game. So did I actually experience this nine months ago or had dementia already started setting in :grinning:

if it will make you feel any good. my two accounts haven’t got any AM in the last 5 titan chests. RNG happens unfortunately :sob:

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Dear @anc1ent1

I refer you to my answer on the Ridiculous Complaints thread. https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/the-ridiculous-complaints-thread/54890/524

I’m very sorry to inform you that your mind has been merged with the SG mainframe.

For what computer can reproduce the randomness of the human mind?

This feeling of confusion and deja vu is your minds pitiful attempts to ‘wake up’ while the RNG chip we have implanted pulls tiles from your mind at 1 trillion per second.

By your sacrifice, the rest of us may play on.

Thank you


Sadly it does make me feel a little better although I’ve been around long enough to know that these things go in cycles😳 if I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that the timing of this started at the announcement of Zynga buying out most of small giant but I am not going to go there. Hope both of our luck changes soon!

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Best answer ever :joy:20Char

I had two elemental chests in a row like that. Both fire. When my next one was a fire chest I was about to throw my phone, but a least it gave me a 3 star unfarmable and an EHT…those EHTs seem much harder to find now, so I was happy. I still think fire chests “owes” me a big win though :slight_smile:

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I had one like this too… More we expensive than 1 regular monster chest… And only cheap loot…


And the thunder keeps on rolling :sunglasses:But when the lightning :zap: Strikes we all smile.


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