Unlucky on pulls

Am i really so unlucky or this game hates me so much… done 40 pulls and best i had a 4* hero…

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That’s pretty bad luck, which 4* did you get?

I’ve had two 5* heroes since I started, Quintus and Guardian Kong who most on here don’t really rate but I’m happy enough.

Can’t see me leveling Kong up much though

Got Grim, Botil and Buddy… i mean out off 40 pulls you would expect at least 1 5*…

On 40 pulls of the seasonal summon you would expect to not receive a 5* 32% of the time.

So for every 100 people that do 40 pulls, you expect that 32 of them would not get a single 5*.

You certainly are not lucky, but not terribly unlucky.

Or. My math could be wrong. I am a bit removed from my statistics course!

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