Unlocking Atlantis orichalcum sea dragons, after season 2 Normal and Hard

Yes, hello to all, it’s been couple months now since i fully completed season 2, and after completing i get max 150 coins in a month (AR included, i save all flasks for AR)

So basically i would suggest unlocking Orichalcum sea dragons outside AR, after completing season 2, they are so rare and with the normal WE cost’s, it wouldn’t give us too many coins but maybe 2-4 pulls each month, i don’t see this affecting negatively to gem purchases, just giving us a few more pulls and especially giving F2P, and C2Players a little more chances at those Atlantis heroes.

Or if not this then something other, maybe season 2 guests that’ll give us a few coins for completing.

I like that idea. It won’t “break the game economy” with those two or three extra summons people could do. And it makes farming S2 levels attractive again. As it is now, most people just do the same beginner S1 levels over and over again because neither S2 nor S1 higher provinces are worth it.

I think something should be done to make farming of harder levels more attractive. E&P is basically the only game I know where advanced players do the beginner levels over and over again :laughing:

Yeah, and while the game is going forward, and new stronger heroes are getting released constanty, this would give a fair shot at atlantis heroes and old HOTM, but the 2 more pulls definitely wouldn’t break the game :smiley: 99% of the player would still pull crap, but the lucky few F2P players would get a featured hero.

I just feel that in a way the game is going backwards, while moving so fast forward, and hey it could be a good hook to get the atlantis offer too, player pulls 3 doesn’t get anything, but doesn’t want to stop pulling so purchases the offer.


I liked this idea… :slight_smile:


Since Season 3 is up and running now, the only good way we have to get Atlantis coins in through buying them or hoping to collect enough through grinding during Atlantis Rises. Aside from the occasional Path of Valor quest, Season 2 has become pretty much pointless to those who have finished it. Could we have those little Seadragons that drop coins available to us in our spare time to try to collect coins for the next Rising?

To some degree, I would agree. But the thing is, this season is still where most players go during Atlantis Rising basically for farming crafting materials and experience points. For me, the Orichalcum Seadragon is just an added bonus. Don’t mistake me though, I still lack and want 2 heroes in Atlantis: Ursena and Tarlak. But I don’t want getting Misandra, Mok-Ar, a 3rd Ariel and a 4th Mitsuko, thank you very much.

I know we use it for item farming during Atlantis Rising, but that is what? 2 days out of the month now? I love Atlantis Rising, but outside of those two or three days, it just sits there now. My point is just make there a way to gather coins another way throughout the month.

And good luck to you, Tarlak was my first Season 2 hero and he’s awesome.

How did you get so many 5 stars? I have one - Tarlak. I’d love Ursena, Kageburado, Ariel, Poseidon or even Mitsuko or Misandra.

Well, experienced players and veterans are already done with Atlantis. SG thinks Valhalla is where players should be focusing and wasting their gems. I for one have finished S2 more than a year ago, including all the Missions in there. I only go to Atlantis during AR and when the daily challenge of POV requires us to do so.

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Errr… by summoning??? People will get a chance to get legendaries IF they summon. The more summoning you do, the more chance getting heroes. But that was in 2018 and in early 2019. Nowadays, I don’t summon much using gems as I tend to hoard epic hero tokens, Atlantis Coins, Valhalla Coins, Challenge Coins, Legends Coins only on portals where ideal heroes are featured or available. Try summoning. It may give you 5* heroes. Or not…

Same here, bud. Like you, I want Ursena too.

I’ ve been playing for almost 2 years and I don’t have any Atlantis 5*. Luckily Valhalla has at least given me Lady Loki

The question I was really asking was how much have you spent?



I was cheap to play back then. Only bought gem offers of little value once a month, enough for a x10 pull each month. Back then, Atlantis was the go to portal because it was the first summoning gate where past HOTMs were featured. Every month, I used all Atlantis Coins I can muster from map stages and from various sources. It was where I got my Athena, Ares, Alberich, 1st GM and even Kunchen as featured past HOTMs, along with several HOTMs on the month of their release and the S2 heroes. Atlantis WAS good to me. Right now, only Ursena and Tarlak are the only S2 heroes I am desiring of having. Since months ago, I am summoning using free stuff. There’s no point chasing the desired pixels you won’t really own.

Quite the opposite for me. While I consider Atlantis good to me, Valhalla is not. Spent all my hoarded Valhalla Coins, amounting to almost 6k, when Frigg was featured. Not a single legendary shadow dropped on my lap (except a 3rd Sartana). I only care about Frigg as she is the only nature hero that deals regular defense down at fast mana. Alfrike is also good, and maybe Odin, Gefjon and Thor as worthy future S3 heroes. But will only use free coins in hoping to get them.

I wouldn’t say one Valhalla 5* is lucky, but I am lucky that the one is Lady Loki who is probably my favourite hero to play. I really want Almur who continues to elude me. My defence altering greens are non-existent so I have to go to 14* titan fights with my C Brienne who can explode if the titan breathes in her direction

I think my biggest irk though is that I use Ranvir on my titans, who redefines the meaning of frustration. I would much rather use Miki or Tarlak or Guardian Gazelle… but alas

I don’t have Tarlak. I want him for so long since he was released. I also wanted Ranvir when he was released as HOTM but failed to get him. Good thing a snag Miki when he was released as HOTM, been enjoying him against most titans even at 3/70. He was my 7th and last ice legendary to get maxed only a couple months back. Gazelle is also good against purple titans. I am maxing a second one.

Even with Miki and Gazelle, I still find myself wanting to have Tarlak. I cant explain why.

The smile on those chiseled good lucks have won your heart

I’ll always give a like to Jean-Luc

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