Unlocking Atlantis orichalcum sea dragons, after season 2 Normal and Hard

Yes, hello to all, it’s been couple months now since i fully completed season 2, and after completing i get max 150 coins in a month (AR included, i save all flasks for AR)

So basically i would suggest unlocking Orichalcum sea dragons outside AR, after completing season 2, they are so rare and with the normal WE cost’s, it wouldn’t give us too many coins but maybe 2-4 pulls each month, i don’t see this affecting negatively to gem purchases, just giving us a few more pulls and especially giving F2P, and C2Players a little more chances at those Atlantis heroes.

Or if not this then something other, maybe season 2 guests that’ll give us a few coins for completing.

I like that idea. It won’t “break the game economy” with those two or three extra summons people could do. And it makes farming S2 levels attractive again. As it is now, most people just do the same beginner S1 levels over and over again because neither S2 nor S1 higher provinces are worth it.

I think something should be done to make farming of harder levels more attractive. E&P is basically the only game I know where advanced players do the beginner levels over and over again :laughing:

Yeah, and while the game is going forward, and new stronger heroes are getting released constanty, this would give a fair shot at atlantis heroes and old HOTM, but the 2 more pulls definitely wouldn’t break the game :smiley: 99% of the player would still pull crap, but the lucky few F2P players would get a featured hero.

I just feel that in a way the game is going backwards, while moving so fast forward, and hey it could be a good hook to get the atlantis offer too, player pulls 3 doesn’t get anything, but doesn’t want to stop pulling so purchases the offer.


I liked this idea… :slight_smile:


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