Unlock Legendary heroes

This is not an idea.
I just went for an update and as I waited for the update i looked through the advertising pictures and found one that says Unlock legendary heroes.
My question:
How do you unlock them?
According to my understanding of unlocking it refers to a clear path to get something.
Summoning is no guarantee to get anything.
Unlocking should give you a hero with a clear path on how to unlock.
Do I misunderstand?
For me this is false advertising.

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Unlock isn’t nearly as bad as the pic below

Anyways, the ad that got me to play E&P is closer to actual gameplay than any other mobile game advertised.

Most of marketing is distorted. This doesn’t bother me.

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When they say “summon all heroes”… I don’t think that’s necessarily misleading. It’s literally what they want you to do after downloading the game. Give them all of your money, and summon all the heroes.

They just don’t specifically mention how much it will probably cost you to do so. Minor details.


You unlock them using gems! Spend an insanely large amount of gems and you will be able to unlock… I mean, summon all heroes!

Semantically, downloading the game unlocks all the heroes. You still have to acquire them through summons, but none of them are actually locked to you except those that can only be summoned during set periods. But play the game all year and they will at some point be unlocked.

TC20 have a chance to unlock legendary heroes.
But 1st, get at least one legendary heroes, then lock the heroes, after that we can unlock it. Congratulation.

Locked Legendary Heroes Sample

IMAGE 2021-04-14 19:34:15

joke… :grin:


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