Unlock Additional Advanced House at Stronghold 25

The recruit costs for several levels of the new Hero Academy (HA) are considerable. For players choosing to build and use the HA, a simple quality of life (QoL) improvement would be to unlock a second Advanced House as part of the Stronghold 25 upgrades.

I’m at stronghold 24 and now want to go to stronghold 25 but cannot. What do I need to get to strong hold 25. All building built and most upgraded but I still cannot get to level 25. What now.

Stronghold lv25 is not released yet

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So why make a reward.

That mission is waiting there for months already, as is the ‘complete S3’ one that is also not possible to fulfill at the moment.
BUT: tomorrow we will be allowed to upgrade SH to lvl25. One more day of waiting… :wink:

I used to have an alchemy lab then decided due to the can not use or upgrade it I would transfer it to another site. Now it’s totally disappeared I hope it comes back with the upgrades I did on it.

The house is a useful building. It wouldn’t hurt to get one more.

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Is it still only possible to have 1 advanced house? My dumb azz brought a 2nd house up to lvl 20 only to realize I can’t convert it to another advanced house…

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So it’s big and dumb :wink:

Unfortunately, yes, that is still the case. This request is still outstanding.

I’m struggling with what to do with recruits at the minute…I’m at the point of converting the Advanced house back to stop the production.

It was helpful ages ago, now it’s becoming a pain :joy:

Different people play the game differently though I know that. I do a lot of daily grinding so I’m forever full of recruits

Yeah, there’s even a guide for how to get rid of them to reclaim stored food associated with the trainings. So I know that some people would find it useless, especially those doing extensive farming like yourself.

The HA trainings require lots of recruits, so my main thought here was to reduce the amount of daily farming needed to sustain those new trainings. Hence why it unlocks at the same level SH as HA.

I like this idea and also can’t help but notice that running two levels of HA at once at some point can get pretty costly in recruits. It’s a bit surprising/not making much sense they only allow one advanced house; like this building brings so little utility and it’s odd to have it the only storage building that can only be converted into once - as if allowing two would be imbalanced. :man_shrugging:

But for now I usually have Cheds issue - way too many recruits. But I queue them in one of the camps for hundreds of days ahead, so when I start having issues due to HA, I’ll be able to just pull them back from the training queue. 300 recruits for legendary retraining is no joke.

How do you get to the point of having too many recruits? I feel like I’m always falling short on recruits, especially towards the end of the month. I usually run 1 TC20, 1TC11, 1TC2, and 1 flexible (TC1,2, or 19 that changes depending on my mats). Every AR I farm ~5k-8k recruits. Is it just that I’m not farming enough recruits during AR? My Advanced house is lvl 4, but I’m prioritizing iron storage rn so I can upgrade my SH. Oh and I also farm mostly S1:8-7 to fill monster chest throughout the month.

I do not use TC20 at all, running 1 TC on the backpack level (I think it’s TC2), 2 on extra low cost and one being flex depending on whether I have spare backpacks/plan to power level someone/or just casually keep the production going (so it’s TC2/TC1/TC11 depending on needs).

I have advanced house at 10. But I don’t farm recruit efficient levels at all during my daily routine.

Introduction of HA already proven it will improve things. I’ll likely resign completely from running flex on TC1 as HA’s uncommon training is so much better, but it eats through recruits like crazy. For now, HA is under construction and I don’t have feeder needs, but when I’m done upgrading it, that’s likely going to be a recreuit sinkhole.

I see; thanks. I guess It’s mostly because I have a lot of heroes I am working on at the moment (usually 5-10 at a time) whereas you are probably closer to “endgame”.

I mean I just throw them in a TC2…got a ridiculous amount in there.

I will one day use Guvnors guide and burn them all for the food but right now it’s just easier to hit the bug and pile them in there

Oh thanks for telling us this i just made an advanced house was liking the idea of getting free recuits I have 4 houses if they all produce free recuits this too good to be true. Of cause its too good hence we only allowed one hahaha :joy:

I am still working on my Hero Academy and plan to max it but will only research HA3, HA5, HA7 and HA10. My training camps are on TC20 function (serving as food and recruits bank queued almost to 400 days), TC11 function (queued to almost 500 days with approx 1300 harvestable feeders), another TC11 function (my flexi TC for TC1, TC3 and TC19 functions, currently queued for almost 2 months) and TC2 function (queued approx 18 days but AR is around the corner and may get my my flexi TC to work on TC2 functions as I plan to have 2 TC2s working from the backpacks gotten from AR and Alchemy Lab all working without end monthly until the next AR). And with HA needing recruits, I am sure I will be needing more sources of recruits and a 2nd maxed Advance House would help me tremendously.

Are there plans for all recruit houses having the ability of becoming advanced houses through upgrading? It would be nice to have an increase of recruit storage capacity.

Thanks in advanced!

Nothing has been announced and nothing like this has been in the beta threads.

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