Unlimited raids against someone

There should be an unlimited amount of raid against someone instead of just one when you lose. And there should be an option to revenge against someone for multiple times.

Sometimes a person takes so much cups away from me and I want to revenge them for 3 times to take back the cups.

No! The bounties for raids are set based on cup differences and (unless either party is cup dropping) roughly reflect relative team strengths.

Allowing you to persecute another player for having the gall to raid you or stripping all the cups from a weaker player is NOT OK!

Once you have beaten them that has to be it!


Not the best idea. Sorry. I could see people being hunted down and attacked into nothingness. Not at all fair. Current way works pretty good, not counting cup droppers, which mess it all up…

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Terrible idea

20 terrible characters

What if everyone who read this raided you until you had no cups ??? Targeting would be horrible


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