Unlike raid defense, are titans always neutral damage?

Unlike raid defense, are titans always neutral damage?

Raid defense

I know physical damage ( slash & matching/ board ) is strong/ weak/ neutral for both attacker and defender in raids/ alliance war from minion damage analysis.


But all titan damage appears to be neutral. Has anyone done any calculations on this?

Ramifications of Neutral Damage

This would give a bigger advantage to a good synergetic rainbow team ( all five abilities, and talents, work well together) than to a solo type hero mono color team like 2x Azlar and 3x Marjana since strong color Titan teams would lose the effectively double HP a strong color team gains against a mono color raid/ war defense.

This would also blunt the disadvantage a purple mono color team has attacking a yellow mono color team, since the yellow titan would still take double damage from the purple mono color team but would not do double physical damage in return.

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No specific calculations on this, but unless SG has created a special damage engine just for titans, it would have to be neutral. Titans only have slash attacks and specials, and these do not get a color boost/diminishment. They do get a color defense debuff boost or color defense buff diminishment. I know of no titans that debuff color though. But that’s not definitive because I’ve never hit anything over 10*.



Just checked green mobs versus blue hero and their physical attacks are colorless.

But we know minion physical attacks are colored.

So are you saying raid/ war defense heroes physical damage is colorless but their attached minions do colored physical damage?


Oddly enough, yes. My speculation is that they implemented minions by simply treating them as a single tile attack made by the hero in question. It was probably the easiest thing to do.

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