Unleashing Fear experimental

I am looking for a couple of reliable daily players capable of maintaining diamond. Titan dies in first 12 hours or less if possible. All war flags used no exceptions.

My main playtime is early morning but log in serval times through out the day. I maintain 2400 to 2500 cups. Wars I experiment with. Currently using a green tank and 4 blue. Use to be a full on pay to play but stopped due to lack if ascension materials. Currently level 48 and dont know everything.

I have started this journey as more of a experiment. What I am looking for is game balance. What I mean by that is I seem to notice certain patterns or thresholds that change the game dynamics. One example is my Red mono team took a tile appearance rate hit when I finished Lady Loki.

When I was part of Elite Force IV we did really well with ascension materials on lower titans as we moved up the materials became more scarce. I have seen reports on 14* titans and I am not impressed with drop rates.

I started this 33 days ago and 1*, 2* titans just fill the chest. I use line and also YouTube to keep track of progress when possible. First goal is to get to 5* rare titans.

Can I just clarify… and I may have missed it…

What is the name of your alliance?

Unleashing Fear thanks.

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