Unknown name after titan kill

Hello ! Please see the print screen

Also , today in a raid, Boldtusk remained the last one and revived . After revive, you couldn’t see it anymore .
I could kill him only with tiles

Did you perhaps have some people come and merc your titan? That may be the cause.

Happens to me sometimes…it just self corrects or I restart the game


You have an A+ grade which means you’re were first and the top ‘unknown’ has exactly the same points as you. I think it’s perhaps a connection issue and the computer couldn’t recognise the names. I’m sure later on it would have/will show the names again.

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I have seen something similar when someone new joins the alliance and I haven’t restarted the app for awhile. A restart seems to fix it.

Happens for me also,

As @JonahTheBard & @lexinen have mentioned, simply minimising & reopening the app or Force Closing & reopening the app will result in this problem going away.

I THINK it is caused by some kind of lag/ server miscommunication with your device… resolves itself usually :slight_smile:


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