Unity ads constantly asks age

Every time I open mystic vision for the last 2 days, I’ve had to click the same “verify your age” button. Is anyone else having this issue on iOS or iPadOS?


iOS here; never asked for an age.

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Havent seen the age verify window, but have gotten that silly slot ad. iOS here.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll check if my router’s ad blocker is causing it somehow.

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Only once on IOS did it ask mine. Funny thing is it was for violence in a video game. Meanwhile the “Scattered Slots” with scantily claded sexy babes didn’t ask for my age. I don’t know the law so who knows.

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I had it ask once. You can also click on the triangle after the fact to say that you find a particular ad offensive, then you won’t get that ad any more, at least in theory.

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Update, day 3. Still happening. Opened the ad in my iPhone on cell signal to take my router out of the equation… no good. Still asking me every time I open Mystic Vision.

I think you may have turned on a parental lock by accident.

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I wouldn’t even know where to look for a parental lock on my iPad. Never been needed and I couldn’t readily find it when I looked for it. Guess I can google it.

I did however find some interesting things in my Settings->Privacy tab that I wonder is the cause.

Can anyone confirm if they have these enabled on iPadOS 14.0.1? I can’t see why anyone would specifically want to be targeted for ads, but I’d rather the extra click than to allow people to target or track me.

Both set to off (same as your screenshots) on my iPhone. Sorry, that’s not the root cause :frowning:

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Mines set to ‘on’ (default I guess); no issues here with age-asking.

Guess that’s why I see the less-risqué ads; they’ve targeted me with game ads!

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Thanks everyone for latest feedback. I did find parental controls under Screentime, unfortunately it was disabled so that doesn’t seem to be the cause either.

Update: I opened Mystic Vision today and watched the crossword puzzle ad without this issue. I’ll check in if it comes back again.

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Update, still same issue. Went away on 50% of ads for a few days in the last week, but still persists in asking for my age.

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