United Hellfire / 600+ days old guild

Hello everyone on E&P forums!

I will be short here. :crazy_face:

  • We are doing 10-11* Titans
  • Trophy requirement is above 1800+
  • We are over 600+ days old and most of the same members are there from the day one
  • You don’t need to play wars / you can always say if you are out for 7 days and stuff like that
  • Most of the members are from USA and the rest of us are from EU
  • Average age in guild is probably 40+
  • We are like family and we love cats

Any other questions you can make here or you can ping me on LINE: @cobaltmdn

Small update!

  • 3 new members joined from this post
  • we raised cups to 2000+

Feel free to join! We need 2 more members now to get full 30/30 status. Thanks.

Bumping up the thread.

We lost a member due inactivity. Search off to a 3 new members is going on!

We don’t talk about Telluria nerfs!!! No toxicity. :smiley:

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