*United Force* is recruiting now

Hello everyone

As the name say we are United Force and its mean United from all world.
I am from Serbia, we have players from England, Portugal, India, US…
Alliance language is English.
We are recruiting new players for our alliance.
0 thropies needed to join us.
We are searching for New players but also players who are experienced to.
All are welcome to join us!
I made this alliance with idea to have good players but first at all good people.
We are all as team helping each other and most of all we have fun.
There is no special rules just join us and grow with us.
Join us and have fun.

We are recruiting now!

All are welcome to join us and grow with us.
0 thropies needed to join our alliance.
Also experienced players are welcome to join us.
There is no pressure to do anything just to have fun and enjoy this good game.
When I made this alliance my idea was to bring people from all world to work as one!
That’s why I give the name United Force.
I am from Serbia, few members are from United Kingdom, India, Portugal…
In our alliance is not all about game, we also talk about real life things because it comes first.

Join us now!

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