United Folk - 500+ days old / 11* Titans

Hello everyone on E&P forums!

I will be short here :grinning:

  • We are doing 11* Titans, sometimes we fall to 10* but goal is 12* now
  • Trophy requirement is above 1800+
  • We are over 500+ days old and most of the same members are there from the day one
  • We are run by Co-Leader idea. Everyone is a Co-Leader here and if you miss two titans in row you get demoted or don’t use war flags you get demoted. After you get to member rank if you slack, you are out.
  • You don’t need to play wars / you can always say if you are out for 7 days and stuff like that. There are no problems here with anything. Everyone is friendly!
  • We are like family and we love cats and we have 100% trust in each others
  • We love to drink beer and talk about food/drinks/game in our LINE group
  • Most of the members are from USA and the rest of us are from EU
  • Average age in guild is probably 40+ and we even have a member of 80 years old

Any other questions you can make here or you can ping me on LINE: @cobaltmdn

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