Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!


Yay, I’d been patiently waiting for this :grin::nerd_face:


Re-posting the link as it discusses the NEW “Blended” Grade soon to arrive…

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Greatly helpy … Thanks @Razor




Hi Gang! I was informed by my employer today that they have sold the company and close at the End of the Month. So my priorities and focus has to change to my next career opportunity. I’ll be putting any new additions to the Hero Utility off until I’m situated - likely the new year. I’ll continue to maintain it the best I can. Sorry to disappoint. I’m a one man show with all of this - and always have been (cat out of the bag). I will admit I had some data entry help (minimal) and harder to find hero card locating up front yet they moved on and that wasn’t much help in the big picture anyway. Just goes to show you how much I love the game, that I’m dedicated and I’m interested in you – in helping you in the best ways I can. I’ll be back to make improvements - I promise. I’ll still be around - RaZoR


Sorry to hear about the upheaval, @Razor. I hope you can find something good and stability will return. Best of luck. Don’t forget about us!!


@Oblivion thanks buddy! I always find a way! I’ll definitely check in regularly - definitely couldn’t forget you! Thanks again.


Hi Guys, wanted to introduce you to Roxy. She may help out once in awhile! @Roxy_TM

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Hey everyone! Nice to meet you, hope I can help keep this thing going. @Razor


Hang in there Razor! May the opportunity you seek be there the moment you are ready! Best of everything for you! :blush:


Thank you @Rook - very much appreciated! I roll with punches well :smile: Something great will come up I know!


Hi @Roxy_TM, look forward to your input :grin:


Best wishes Razor, I really see it coming.
Great helpful guy like you should get great good.
:heart: :hugs:


Yoo @Roxy_TM I know you will be great hand on kindness, cause I trust Razor very much.
Hope to learn more from you too.


Thanks for all you’ve contributed, @Razor, and best wishes for a successful career transition.

@Roxy_TM, thanks for stepping in to help maintain this utility.


Thanks @Kerridoc! Much appreciated coming from you.


Thank you everyone!!


Hi Everyone! Glad to get data processed for 10/13! It’s available in the usual place and reviewed on the TitanMafia site. Have a good one! Razor



Hey guys! Heads up on this one >>>


@Roxy_TM how is being the LEADER treating you??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: