Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!


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The idea has become a reality! Ha ha.


Great work sir. I can analyze data but suck at gathering it. Thank you for the work you put into this.


@Mananabas You are totally welcome! I love doing it - lol - definitely takes a certain type… It will continue to evolve - it’s exciting! Thanks again. - RAZ


We will see Hel more often for sure.


@Builderbooo - Yes we will… I picked up 3 of her in June 2017. Those who weren’t around for her or just were unfortunate not to pull her - man they have to be excited, and I am for them too. I’m just bummed for myself because I thought I had a 1 of kind 1 time “Celestial of Darkness”! She is my favorite HOTM. I fed 1 of them to the 1st one, before I was aware there would be a reason to keep duplicate heroes (well having triplets seemed not the best decision at the time).

P.S. I’m going to run HEL in the next as 1 of the 4 in the next Goddesses of the EMPIRE poll after Round 3 ends. I’ll look forward to you voting for her!


P.S.S Data extract 5 is going live today - we saw HEL in there more than recent… without crunching the numbers it just looked a little different than the past 4… excited to find out whats happening.



You guys are talking this to next level.
I spent over year and half in this game with 2 accounts one gone and one still stood.
But any way … I don’t have a clue what is this all.
I think if I could understand this, I will improve me to next level!
Just need a person who can teach me simply.


I’d also be just as interested in which 5 stars are missing from the top 100. Or the least played… balance is both sides.


@LucasDaoc and @Jedon. Totally understand - that was my same frustrations, not getting where I wanted to and ended up with some heroes in which I spent priceless ascension items on, that I consider a JOKE on my team. I’m more than happy to do a chat with you guys. The process is still evolving - however everything has just been lining up and making both logical and general mathematical sense.

There are 7 reports that are generated from every data pull in addition to all the number crunching that goes into the Hero Utility… 1 of them is 5 stars not used in the top 100 defensive teams.

I have already pulled today’s data however am wrapping up the Atlantis Family - Link Quick Summary and then I will start running the data through the code modules - it’s not rocket science and its not 100% accurate, but it is definitely trust worthy. So tonight when in my 1st 3 war battles that have become much harder… I assessed my war opponents with the Hero Utility before attacking them and selected my teams based on that assessment. How did turn out? I won all 3 battles in record time. I lost 1 hero. The other 14 were standing strong. And I didn’t use my strongest 5s to do it. It’s why I wrote the app in the first place along with loving the game and knowing it could be used by other players to assist them in hero leveling decisions, battle prep and the like. I was very please to kick A - 3 wins in a row - and they were not wimps at all - primarily 5’s near or at full ascension. Ok enough on that.

The latest pull and assessment can be pulled from the archive - you can go through all of them and see who hasn’t been used at all… It does cater to 5* heroes specifically because the game has matured enough that though we may be a small section of thee player base we are still huge in numbers with fully ascended 5* teams. There are over 1.3 Million daily users of the game.

Here is the link to the historical Defensive Data: https://enphero.com/EnPHero/Reports/Empires%20&%20Puzzles%202018-08-18_Rpts.html

Thanks guys - catch ya soon eh?



This has helped me in deciding what 5*s to get to final ascension, of course when I get the mats.

It took a bit for me to grasp the data but got there in the end lol…old age catching up I think.

Number crunching at it’s finest, congrats :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s great to hear @MrsBCW !!! So since SGG switched up our war platform, man I was struggling with beating teams that were not that hard to beat previous. Tonight… I pulled up the teams I was going to face off with the HERO UTILITY and really reviewed their stats in the Hero Utility. I identified who were trouble for me and who were not. Then i picked my hero’s appropriately. I didn’t use my strongest ones… saving them for round 2. I was beside myself - my co-leader Roxy was over and she was too. It was taking me 2 attacks previously often to defeat an opponent that in prior wars I didn’t have much problem with… Tonight was awesome. I beat all 3 teams in record time, I only had 1 of my heroes die on me the other 14 were standing strong! It is a testament to proper planning and data collection/processing - I fell very fortunate it has turned out as well as it has. I’m working on Import 5 and got side tracked with recording a 10x pull for Atlantis Heros… and I had to edit a mistake on the Atlantis - FAMILY - LINK : Quick Referece I assembled - check it out! And stop by @ TitanMafia. - RAZ

Oh @MrsBCW if you have suggestions on how to make it easier let me know. This was supposed to be a long term project that I did in my spare time and the addict in me just went all out and I pushed it out early! I went from conception on July 28, 2018 of our Alliances Website to releasing the 1st version of the ‘Your Team’ utility just days later… then I refined and moved it to the platform that was the intention originally EnPHero.com on 8/19/2018. In a week since that release there have been over 1K unique users of the app. Crazy that out of 15 Million People who downloaded the game and 1.3 million that are daily active players - I somehow was blessed with the idea and executed it - tonz of fun and late hours and loss of sleep and weight loss etc. lol! Well more than you were expecting to get back in a response. I appreciate your appreciation, I wish it was around when I was earlier into the game. Peace - R


Problem is … I don’t have 5* due to Ghacha
Got few 4* and wonder if there is some info support for them.


The tool uses the 7DD Grades. Then I apply a GPA to them. I assemble your hero cards into your browser (vertical view likely then) - there is a lot of information in one place! As well they (EPIC heroes) occasionally are on top defensive teams now and again, and they wouldn’t be if they couldn’t hang. So yes the Utility would still benefit you! Let me know what I might be able to do to help.



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Hi everyone!

Today I announced Empires & Puzzles 2nd team on Defense and wanted to share it with you! The article is available now @ The Tier 2 ELITE Team - Defense

The #1 Defensive Team has stayed constant in terms of its members for well over a month now.

The 7th data collection has been reviewed and released as well.

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@MrsBCW @LucasDaoc @Builderbooo (Hel jumps into position 12 this week) @Mananabas @Oblivion


Not sure if you are using the tools or the info in here. Might be very useful for a lot of people.


I really like Titan Mafia’s site (have been playing with the hero utility), however the last time I checked, the four letters at the top weren’t ABCD. So long as they stay clean, I can pin this for use. :grin:


pinned the other thread





As always, great job Razor!