Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!


I’ve got Alasie, Magni and Arthur maxed, and it’s always a challenge choosing among them. Arthur is best for titans, Magni when defense is needed, and Alasie when mana control is needed—meaning most raids. I’m sure you will enjoy Alasie!


@Kerridoc - Those are 3 amazing ICE Butt Kickers you have there! ARTHUR is amazing, they all are! I have a friend that sports 2 Alasies and 2 Gravemakers and Horghall in the middle and they do pretty dang good… Magni is a tough one!


Hi everyone! I Wanted to give this girl the best chances to be the best she can be - so introducing to my Forum Peeps!

Meet my protege @Runecaster - the Miracle Girl that went to a full EPIC team lead by LEGENDARY Aegir by the end of our session landing at level 9 - in 8 hours of total game play! Oh at the low cost of 1 Benjamin and 1 Abe with 3K gems to spare!

Rune get to know these players - they will make you a better one!

@Oblivion @GERATH @Builderbooo @Mananabas @Celtibero


I really look forward to getting to know you guys! Thx for introducing me @Razor!!! I could use the mentoring!! :slight_smile:


Welcome @Runecaster and congrats on your accomplishment.



The Razor’s Edge: Special ‘Exclusive’ tool is being released this weekend for User Group Members Only

1st Users Group CHAt meeting is scheduled for Wed November 28th @ 6pm USA-MST
- Calling on HONORARY members to attempt to stop by if they are able even if its just for
10 minutes!


@LucasDaoc @Pois1 @WuMac @Jedon @Rook @Shohoku79 @MrsBCW @GERATH @Mattman @NPNKY


I’ll have to work out what time it’ll be here so I can join the chat…don’t want to miss that one :slightly_smiling_face:


@Razor, have visited the website and noticed that you’ve repeated a couple of paragraphs :nerd_face:, located at the Richard picture…


@MrsBCW THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I’ll go correct that now! I GOT





Same here I’ll have to check my local time GMT. Don’t wanna miss it.


That will be 1 am in the morning. Unless I’m having a crazy Wednesday then I’ll be sleeping. My apologies @Razor and all honourary members.


Bro the Chat still not working on my device.


Yeah, it’s 02:00 AM CET for me unfortunately. I barely can stay awake until midnight. I’ll try, but no promises. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Linky linky for the lazy lazy? :grin:

I will do my best to be there. Timers and electronic leashes will be required!


Your browser has to have Javascript turned on - It will go over that in the page you access between clicking the CHAt link and getting to the CHAt board itself… Turning this setting ‘On’ is actually a standard browser recommendation. Let me know. @Jedon


Any advices?


@Rook - you really thought there would just be one simple link… LOL.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO TITANMAFIA.COM , on right just below the changing images there is a link (shown below): JUMP to MEMBERS-AREA Click it for quick access (as the right side of the site often changes and so does the location of several of the more common features based on highlighting whats new or important)


It hyperlinks you within the site to the ‘LOG-IN’ button. Click it!

Enter your login / password and click the ‘Login’ button

Click the [Group-CHAt] hyperlink that is always displayed in the upper right hand corner of the Members Lobby

You are provided directions you are to read once before using CHAt

After read or if you already read click the ‘LOAD LIVE CHAt’ button. It will load the CHAt board

To Post to the Board click the ‘CHAt’ button. It will open your message dialog IN A NEW WINDOW. So if you are on your phone you have to toggle between 2 open windows (which should suffice being you don’t need your messenger window unless your saying something).


Click the ‘Exit’ button when you want to leave, this way it will post to the CHAt board that you exited…



Why I don’t get all this windows of Chat !
Edit1: I don’t understand -_- really what should I do now to have this chat.


Try turning off you pop-up blocker?