Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!


Thanks Razor!

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Hi all… data has been updated and reviewed…
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Thanks for putting this together!! Bruce Lee putting up an impressive showing.

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Great job @Razor. Thanks a bunch

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Could you please summarize data about team color composition/ what % run, rainbow, etc.

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@Kerridock this is what I could throw together Really Quick - I’m interested in this as well and have on my list. This will have to suffice for now…

RL.Element FL.Element C.Element FR.Element RR.Element CountOfRL_Element
Nature Fire Holy Dark Ice 4
Ice Dark Holy Fire Nature 3
Dark Nature Holy Ice Fire 3
Nature Ice Holy Dark Fire 3
Ice Nature Holy Fire Dark 3
Nature Fire Holy Ice Dark 3
Nature Fire Ice Fire Nature 3
Fire Nature Holy Dark Ice 2
Holy Nature Fire Ice Dark 2
Ice Dark Holy Dark Fire 2
Nature Dark Ice Fire Holy 2
Nature Ice Fire Dark Holy 2
Nature Ice Fire Nature Holy 2
Nature Ice Fire Nature Dark 2
Fire Holy Nature Fire Dark 1
Fire Ice Fire Holy Dark 1
Fire Ice Fire Holy Fire 1
Fire Ice Fire Holy Nature 1
Fire Ice Holy Nature Dark 1
Fire Ice Holy Nature Fire 1
Holy Ice Fire Ice Fire 1
Fire Nature Fire Ice Holy 1
Fire Holy Dark Fire Holy 1
Fire Nature Holy Dark Fire 1
Holy Dark Fire Nature Ice 1
Holy Fire Ice Fire Dark 1
Holy Fire Ice Fire Nature 1
Fire Ice Nature Fire Dark 1
Dark Nature Fire Ice Dark 1
Dark Fire Holy Dark Fire 1
Dark Fire Holy Dark Ice 1
Dark Fire Holy Dark Nature 1
Dark Fire Ice Fire Holy 1
Dark Fire Ice Holy Nature 1
Dark Holy Fire Ice Nature 1
Fire Holy Ice Nature Ice 1
Dark Nature Fire Holy Ice 1
Fire Holy Dark Holy Fire 1
Dark Nature Holy Fire Dark 1
Nature Ice Holy Fire Dark 1
Dark Nature Holy Ice Nature 1
Fire Dark Holy Dark Nature 1
Fire Dark Ice Dark Nature 1
Holy Nature Dark Ice Fire 1
Dark Ice Nature Fire Holy 1
Nature Holy Fire Nature Ice 1
Nature Ice Fire Holy Nature 1
Nature Dark Fire Ice Holy 1
Nature Dark Holy Dark Ice 1
Nature Dark Holy Fire Ice 1
Nature Ice Fire Holy Dark 1
Holy Ice Holy Fire Ice 1
Nature Fire Holy Fire Ice 1
Ice Ice Holy Fire Dark 1
Nature Fire Holy Ice Fire 1
Nature Fire Holy Nature Ice 1
Nature Fire Ice Dark Holy 1
Nature Fire Ice Fire Holy 1
Nature Holy Fire Dark Fire 1
Nature Holy Dark Fire Ice 1
Nature Dark Ice Nature Holy 1
Ice Fire Holy Dark Fire 1
Holy Ice Holy Ice Holy 1
Nature Holy Dark Holy Ice 1
Holy Nature Fire Dark Ice 1
Nature Ice Fire Nature Fire 1
Dark Fire Dark Holy Nature 1
Nature Nature Nature Fire Dark 1
Ice Nature Holy Dark Fire 1
Ice Fire Dark Ice Fire 1
Ice Nature Fire Holy Dark 1
Ice Fire Holy Dark Nature 1
Ice Fire Holy Nature Dark 1
Ice Fire Holy Nature Ice 1
Ice Fire Ice Nature Fire 1
Ice Holy Fire Dark Nature 1
Ice Dark Holy Fire Dark 1
Ice Dark Holy Ice Fire 1
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RL.Hero_Name FL.Hero_Name C.Hero_Name FR.Hero_Name RR.Hero_Name CountOfRL_Hero_Name
Alberich Zimkitha Richard Gravemaker Zeline 2
Guardian Panther Zeline Guinevere Alasie Gravemaker 2
Gravemaker Vivica Thorne Kadilen Isarnia 1
Delilah Zeline Gravemaker Alasie Sartana 1
Domitia Justice Wilbur Alasie Elkanen 1
Drake Fong Zimkitha Rumpelstiltskin Gravemaker Hel 1
Evelyn Alasie Gravemaker Drake Fong Zeline 1
Evelyn Alasie Gravemaker Lianna Drake Fong 1
Evelyn Drake Fong Ares Zeline Alasie 1
Evelyn Marjana Aegir Khiona Joon 1
Evelyn Zimkitha Alasie Gravemaker Lianna 1
Gravemaker Alasie Yunan Gravemaker Kageburado 1
Khiona Zimkitha Aegir Gravemaker Drake Fong 1
Gravemaker Drake Fong Yunan Gravemaker Guardian Panther 1
Boldtusk Alasie Gravemaker Drake Fong Marjana 1
Gravemaker Zeline Guinevere Kageburado Alasie 1
Gregorion Zimkitha Drake Fong Khiona Alasie 1
Guardian Panther Gravemaker Guinevere Kageburado Gravemaker 1
Guardian Panther Gravemaker Guinevere Khiona Lianna 1
Guardian Panther Zeline Guinevere Gravemaker Sartana 1
Hansel Kadilen Evelyn Gravemaker Rigard 1
Joon Richard Onatel Aegir Wu Kong 1
Kadilen Aeron Isarnia Elena Justice 1
Alasie Aeron Vivica Victor Gravemaker 1
Gravemaker Drake Fong Boss Wolf Gravemaker Delilah 1
Alberich Alasie Gravemaker Victor Drake Fong 1
Alasie Gravemaker Guinevere Zeline Sartana 1
Alasie Gravemaker Misandra Zeline Gravemaker 1
Alasie Gravemaker Onatel Khiona Zeline 1
Alasie Hel Guinevere Alasie Gravemaker 1
Alasie Thoth-Amun Guinevere Gravemaker Lianna 1
Alasie Zeline Guinevere Gravemaker Sartana 1
Alasie Zeline Guinevere Gravemaker Victor 1
Alasie Zeline Onatel Gravemaker Hel 1
Alasie Zeline Zimkitha Vivica Thoth-Amun 1
Delilah Gravemaker Aegir Mitsuko Evelyn 1
Alasie Zimkitha Guinevere Evelyn Alasie 1
Delilah Athena Guinevere Gravemaker Richard 1
Alberich Alasie Gravemaker Zeline Drake Fong 1
Alberich Athena Gravemaker Victor Drake Fong 1
Alberich Gravemaker Guinevere Alasie Gravemaker 1
Alberich Gravemaker Guinevere Magni Hel 1
Alberich Magni Ares Zeline Kageburado 1
Alberich Magni Gravemaker Zeline Marjana 1
Alberich Magni Gravemaker Zeline Sartana 1
Alberich Mitsuko Onatel Zeline Misandra 1
Alberich Victor Guinevere Gravemaker Alasie 1
Lianna Athena Guinevere Guardian Panther Gravemaker 1
Alasie Zimkitha Boss Wolf Magni Azlar 1
Zeline Khiona Misandra Gravemaker Drake Fong 1
Sartana Alasie Zeline Marjana Joon 1
Sartana Marjana Aeron Justice Lianna 1
Tarlak Gravemaker Delilah Alasie Obakan 1
Tarlak Gravemaker Guinevere Gravemaker Athena 1
Tarlak Gravemaker Guinevere Sartana Richard 1
Thorne Leonidas Gravemaker Aeron Evelyn 1
Thorne Thoth-Amun Guinevere Obakan Azlar 1
Victor Evelyn Gravemaker Delilah Alasie 1
Victor Gravemaker Drake Fong Kageburado Alasie 1
Kageburado Zeline Guinevere Magni Gravemaker 1
Zeline Delilah Boss Wolf Drake Fong Rumpelstiltskin 1
Richard Sartana Vivica Elena Kadilen 1
Zeline Magni Guinevere Mitsuko Sartana 1
Zeline Victor Guinevere Khiona Alasie 1
Zeline Zimkitha King Arthur Captain Kestrel Drake Fong 1
Zimkitha Alasie Delilah Lianna Gravemaker 1
Zimkitha Athena Santa Claus Inari Victor 1
Zimkitha Delilah Boss Wolf Guinevere Marjana 1
Zimkitha Guardian Panther Aegir Thoth-Amun Evelyn 1
Zimkitha Magni Guinevere Zeline Victor 1
Zimkitha Misandra Gravemaker Onatel Zeline 1
Zimkitha Zeline Guinevere Hel Alasie 1
Vivica Zeline Marjana Khiona Alasie 1
Mother North Athena Guinevere Hel Marjana 1
Lianna Drake Fong Khiona Red Hood Alasie 1
Lianna Gravemaker Guinevere Kageburado Perseus 1
Lianna Gravemaker Guinevere Khiona Alasie 1
Lianna Li Xiu Gravemaker Khiona Gravemaker 1
Lianna Mok-Arr Mitsuko Perseus Delilah 1
Magni Kageburado Guinevere Gravemaker Lianna 1
Marjana Khiona Vivica Sartana Morgan Le Fay 1
Marjana Zeline Gravemaker Magni Delilah 1
Misandra Aegir Guinevere Gravemaker Victor 1
Misandra Zeline Guinevere Sargasso Gravemaker 1
Rumpelstiltskin Gravemaker Justice Sartana Gravemaker 1
Mother North Alasie Gravemaker Drake Fong Obakan 1
Rigard Zeline Leonidas Isarnia Lianna 1
Mother North Captain Kestrel Guinevere Alasie Sartana 1
Mother North Magni Guinevere Sartana Marjana 1
Musashi Gadeirus Gravemaker Alasie Sartana 1
Musashi Magni Elena Thorne Azlar 1
Musashi Victor Mitsuko Zeline Perseus 1
Musashi Zeline Hel Isarnia Gravemaker 1
Obakan Kadilen Gravemaker Magni Sartana 1
Obakan Marjana Richard Delilah Morgan Le Fay 1
Perseus Obakan Guinevere Gravemaker Rigard 1
Zimkitha Zeline Guinevere Victor Gravemaker 1
Mother North Aeron Richard Zeline Drake Fong 1

If you do a search/find it will highlight the element in question…

RIP Sartana. :disappointed_relieved:

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Ahhhh @CheTranqui - Never give up on Sar!
I personally think people are trying to figure out which Dark works best with what right now personally…

The mix of hero use has completely changed, it’s all over the board compared to the very expected Alasie, Gravemaker, Guinievere, Zeline, Sartana (most of the time) which was a monopoly for so long… with slight variations which began with Guardian Panther…

I have a feeling that we will see more EPIC’s now… once they get higher up in their talent ranges.

There are a lot of Hero’s that are just bad asses - the Dark’s mentioned in the review of course even just the recent HOTM: Onatel, Kageburado and Evelyn - huge use, I have countless hours in the LEADERBOARD taking all these on and seeing what people are using… One that surprised me the most was Guardian Owl in the Rear Left - not flank or center… WOW (just a personal favorite surprise - that worked) - [had to come back and mention it worked because the front 3 were tanky themselves - so he got his special off which is a dozy]. Like @Kerridoc always likes to keep top of mind and I agree is TIME OF AVAILABILITY - How long was the hero made available and what percent of the Player population could/has the hero’s? I switched to recording players who maintain 10 minutes or longer on the LEADERBOARD - this has made the data in my opinion much more reliable as well telling (this was some time ago).

I could talk about this stuff for a really long time. There are a lot of mixes you can make that are going to get you on the board and keep you there if that is your goal now, whereas not long ago it just wasn’t so. Players are maturing as well so that plays into as well…

Sartana isn’t gone, I don’t think… She is up against some extrodinary competition however for a Dark role on a team. Lot’s of dual element use, even tipple that works well.

Ok lol gotta go. Raz


Needs a title:


The power of DATA (from the Hero Utility)… If you look at the dates you know what’s going on… Who has been released…

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@Razor my panther is sitting at 3/70 awaiting my last tabard, BUT I just pulled Kunchen. Oh they are going to be a mean pair!


Challenge Event Database and Leaderboard… Why wouldn’t you? :smile:

Revamp Member Leaderboard while at it…

And your going to want to come up to speed…

Thanks guys hope you get in on the boards! Or at least the Reports and Information!

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Thanks for the tag! Sorry, I have been busy for the past few months. I finally am having some free time again lately, so I’ll go check out all of it tomorrow! :+1:


Looking good @Razor. I like the idea, will give people an idea of scores outside top 100.

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It has been some time since I returned to this thread… HELLO??? Is anybody here anymore? LOL. New Period In Review released. Also new FULL True Positioning Report available in the Members Lobby.

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That website thou. The hype is real :joy:
Thanks for the stats Razor, Urs is a real pain in the …

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Hey @Razor ! Yeah, I’m still around, but have forgone a lot of forum/alt/beta time in exchange for real life experiences. Gotta keep up the main though :crossed_swords:

I’m not that social anyways, being a fairly standoff-ish reincarnated priestess after all. :rice_scene:

I see you’ve done quite a few projects on Titan Mafia of late, and all really cool stuff that many can enjoy and utilize! Hope all is well with you, @Roxy_TM, and the gang :slight_smile:


Hello. I have since removed this image. Thank you for your support.