Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

We have put a little effort in capturing data for the Top 100 Defensive teams - and have intentions to do so weekly. Check it out @ TitanMafia.com - includes 6 different views of combined data. It’s a unique view - interesting! Raz


Interesting reading, will have a more intense read shortly and also share with my alliance.

Thanks to you and your alliance, for putting information together as it’s helpful within our alliance; we have a range from experienced to less experienced.

Also good to get others opinions with the data to back up :slightly_smiling_face:

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Totally want to help out… and Thank you!

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Great job. I’m bad at data collection. Lol


Great job. I’m sure it’s no easy feat to do so many screenshots and analyze them, well done. Very interesting how many of the top heroes are HOTMs.

Very kind of you to share. Keep up the great work!!

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We have done another data pull and added a great new report! We are almost ready to launch the “My Team” utility. Check it out! https://www.titanmafia.com


Ok Guys I just said F it and went Live! Let me know what you think!
As we get more data it will mature for sure.
I’m working on our first polling question.




Over how long of a period was the data taken? Was it a one time screenshot of the top 100 on a given day? Because there can be thousands of people in the top 100 over a period of a couple weeks. If it’s just taken from say 1 or 2 days, I wouldn’t rely on it. Unless that’s what you are going for. A representation.

Edit: I see this is a new thing. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

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While I agree with you in principal, I think that even one day of this kind of data is still very useful.

The team utility is really cool too. It’s interesting to see how my decisions on hero placement compare with the average, and the 7DD grades being summarized in such a small space is great to know. It reaffirmed for me that, although I have my heroes placed well, I need a new tank (instead of Justice that is).

Really great job, @Razor!!!

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I just got it up and running. It’s currently 2 sets of data, many more to come. Over time it will show that it has value. Currently its a great way to get a look at your team as well as future teams etc…

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Thanks OB! Appreciate it, its been a lot of work, but I’ve enjoyed it!

@LucasDaoc - so we have 4 data pulls now - and it has turned out to be an excellent sampling procedure.

Here are the top 5 - which have remained consistent in each data pull, just some swapping between each other. Note that Alasie has increased in use each week…


@Oblivion - the data sampling process has worked out amazingly. I just posted information in this thread to @LucasDaoc. Thanks for your support man!

I find it very interesting however I have learned that when I fight against Guinevere, I must remove Alberich and Delilah and put Sabina and Melendor. :smiling_imp:

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@Celtibero that makes sense! I bring in 2 Hels when facing Guin - she is a tank+! And hope I get their special before she does. :slight_smile:

Very nice! Is also represents hero availability vs hero strength. If Guineverre was available for more than only 9 days ever so far, on top of being far more rare than a hero of the month, you’d see her take the number 1 spot easily.


@LucasDaoc - Yes Guin is just a monster in the middle! Wish I had her, I avoid her in PVP a lot now… (depending who’s with her). She is definitely an A+ on ‘D’.


Read full article and get access to the data behind it @ THE-BOSS
(you may need to hit the ‘ENTER’ key once the url posts to jump directly to the article - no idea why…)

@LucasDaoc, @Oblivion, @Mananabas, @MrsBCW
I’m writing a routine that is going to basically give every character a ranking that appeared in the import - Limiting it the TOP 5 for current import and TOP 10 for Cumulative - well it kinda sucks pulling up your heroes and they have a couple appearances, but no idea how it compares… So I changed my mind - everyone that showed up 1 or more times is going to get a ranking… Even if its #40 at least its a better indicator than showing 1 appearance. There will be a lot of ties i.e. there may be 5 Heroes that tie for the #20 spot…

Data collection 5 by this Saturday at the latest!

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Brilliant! Such an awesome idea and look forward to Saturday :slightly_smiling_face:

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