Unique Heroes


Each and every Hero should have its unique ability, the fact that Grimm(blue), Gomerk(red) and Tiburtus(purple) for example have the same abilities to me its a sign of running out of ideas and rushing in.

Also there are so many boring 3* heroes which either need a buff or ability change, Renfeld, Prisca, Graymane, Dawa, Karil are some examples… On the other hand, Jahangir , Gunnar, Ulmer are exciting…

My idea is to make each DUPLICATED HERO OF SAME LEVEL CATEGORY unique, and also bring more 3*, 4*, 5* heroes into the mix.

Also you can get ideas from the community on that by making a contest on facebook for example, “create your favorite hero” etc.

EDIT: Some people interpreted this wrong and I want to clear up.

I’m not proposing for ALL Heroes to have their ABILITY changed, as well as Heroes with similarities in their ABILITY but in a different category level (Example:Jahangir/Colen/Azlar)

All Im suggesting is to make a small change among Heroes with DUPLICATED ABILITIES in their respective category level.

Example: 3* category
-Prisca/Renfeld both purple and have the same ability along with Graymane(blue), they both could use a change and become unique instead of copies even of the same color.

-Dawa(yellow) /Karil(blue) same thing under another color, one of them could have a change in ability and would make both of them unique.

Example: 4* category
-Grimm(blue) /Gomerk(red) /Tiburtus(purple) exact same thing under different colors, to me it looks like the Devs ran out of ideas at the time and stacked all 3 of them with the same ability. But for EXAMPLE, Grimm could have something similar to Athena but obviously nerfed, and Tiburtus some other ability.

Cyprian(purple) /Boril(blue) again the same, one of them could have something different, Cyprian could have something similar to Sartana, or something else.

All of these small changes could make for an even more exciting game and make Heroes unique in their category.


They should have a kamikaze hero with a “timed bomb” special. “In 5 turns hero deals 1000% to single enemy and self and minor damage on nearby enemies”. If you kill him before it sets off no damage is dealt. If not…booom! :blush:.

And they should maybe consider a hero with a “time-stop” special where no attacks or specials can be used by either party but the existing buffs still play out.

Ex: Hero with time-stop executes special. Attacking and defending teams cannot attack for x number of turns but ther ares buff of healing still applies for each skipped turn. And Santana’s death strike still deals damage over her 6 turns.

And what about a shape-shifter hero that can assume the attack/defense/health stats of any of the enemy’s heroes and their special?


They have not released heroes with existing abilities since the launch. But changing old ones would not be a good idea.

  1. 3* heroes are supposed to be boring.
  2. A smattering of heroes from different colors with similar abilities allows for varied compositions. If the only defense down cleave hitter was Grimm, that would suck if you already had several good blue heroes and Gormek would have fit perfectly in your team instead.
  3. In the last 4 months, we’ve had 4 new heroes from the pirate event, Hel, Athena, Ares, and Musashi, and we’re about to get a new hero of the month, and many more from the next month’s event (6 I think? too lazy to check).
  4. As Arien stated, every single one of those heroes has been unique, but changing existing heroes would destroy people’s existing compositions, and this would not be well received.

  1. I disagree, I think all should be exciting to play with.

  2. I think every hero with an unique ability would allow for even more varied compositions.

  3. Too bad they are only pay to obtain and month exclusive.

  4. Again I disagree, I think it will bring something new and exciting and will give people lot of things to work on.


Why do you think so?


Introducing new heroes with completely different specials would be awesome! They are kinda doing that already with the hero of the month and the challenge events although no 3-4*. Too much changing of existing heroes may not be the way to go though. Just my opinion.


The last event had two new 4* heroes. Additionally, when new nature heroes were added, they all had unique specials, they included a 3* Friar Tuck, and two 4* heroes, Little John and Kashhrek. So adding that to the heroes mentioned above, they’ve added what, 14 heroes in the last month, and are doing 6 more next month, all with unique abilities. 20 heroes in all, all with unique abilites… I think we’re already getting what you’re asking for.

No, people invested a lot of money in their teams, and suddenly changing how they work would not be in anyone’s interest.


I don’t want to be rude but how do you know? It might even work on their own interest and how do you know they don’t want something new? new strategies etc


I think its gonna take to much time to rework all heroes.

Its better to come up with something new then make rework something thats work.


Because I’m a very active player, and very active on the forums. People get quite vocal with small changes to existing moves, or the need to buff or nerf this or that character, but taking away an existing heroes ability and replacing it with something else would be met with outrage.

People made the choice to use, or not use a certain character. While a balancing change may be needed, such a dramatic one would either infuriate the players who invested their time and money in a different hero, or those that have the hero and want their original skill back.

Grimm, Tiburtus, and Boldtusk are some of the best heroes in the game, insanely useful for titans due to their defense down debuff. (I say best given that very few people have access to max ascension 5* heroes, I only have two at max ascension myself.) Given that they are different colors allows them to be more useful across different colors of titans, and there’s no need to make them unique to make them useful.

The introduction of new heroes already changes the usefulness or necessity of existing ones. There’s plenty of change in the raiding and titan world each time a single new hero is introduced (Hel and Athena prominently), and this often requires updates after the fact to make adjustments for this hero. There’s so much controversy and forum posting over the introduction of one hero, and you propose changing nearly all of them? It would be an absolute madhouse.

  1. People get vocal with basically everything, there’s always something that bothers them, and the best way to find out whether or not they want something like this is by having them vote imo.

  2. Or they might love this idea and want something new and unique.

  3. Gomerk could keep his skill cause it fits him as a hero but the other two could have something different and unique and also as useful in titan fights.

  4. Im not proposing to change all of them, don’t get me wrong, only the ones who have duplicates abilities, for example Gomerk, Grimm and Tiburtus have the same ability, Gomerk can keep that skill cause it fits him and the other two can have a unique skill.

All im suggesting is no skill duplicates among heroes


All you’re suggesting is an incredibly massive overhaul of the entire game. Almost all hero specials are duplicates of others.


Absolutely not. You think Gormek is the one to keep the ability cause it fits him. What about people who have Grimm FOR THIS ABILITITY specifically? Who paid money to roll him and invested other heroes in feeding him? They need a blue hero who reduces defense for their composition. That’s why they leveled up Grimm, not Gormek, no Tiburtus.

And what about people who leveled all 3 to always be able to use the best defense-reducing hero on their various comps that they have worked hard to build? Often paid money for it?

This would absolutely eradicate their efforts and strategies they invested in. Horrible idea.


Yeah, this is really stressing the point that you’re not seeing the impact would cause. “It fits him as a hero” is not an argument of any kind, but here’s a brief run down:

3/4/5* red heroes, aoe, apply burn damage, all copies. (Jahangir, your exciting hero, Azlar, and Colen)
4/5* red heroes, single target, apply burn damage, all copies. (Kelile, Marjanna)
Cyprian / Boril, copies
Carver, Li Xiu, copies
Azar, Chao, copies
Skittleskul, Horghall, copies
Prisca, Sartana, copies
Tyrum, Caedmon, Sonya, all copies
Ulmer, Isarnia, copies
Belith, Sabina, Melendor, all copies

I’m sure there are more, aside from the Grimm, Tibertus, and Gormek we’ve already discussed, but this isn’t a small request.

The ONLY way this would not be met with backlash would be if everyone owned all of these characters, and had spent equal time leveling them. That isn’t the case, so it would never be received well, period.


Boo always a good idea to be more creative, new heroes can compliment old, or be stand alone all stars either way with any kind you can build a team around a new all star


It was just an example, they could as good ability as they have now or even better in the mix, you never know.

It’s just your opinion.

  1. It was just an example.

  2. I have no problem with Jahangir, Colen and Azlar while they have similar ability at least they have different level, same with Li Xiu, Carver, Azar Horghall etc.

Prisca and Sartana copies? Here you gave a bad example because Prisca steals damage back and Sartana not only is of different level but does damage over time.

But on the other hand Cyprian, Boril copies, same level, same thing under another color
Gomerk, Tiburtus and Grimm, same thing under another color
Dawa, Karil same
Renfeld, Prisca and Graymane are even worse the first two should both have a unique ability different from Graymane.

Changing the duplicates of same level and making each hero of its category unique would be exciting, period.

And the same way you think this won’t be received well, I guarantee you most people would agree with me here.

Just because you specifically do not agree with this idea you can’t just talk in the name of everyone.

Ps: maybe I wasn’t as specific, I’ll give you that, check my original post.


I disagree too, i’m sorry.
That is too much of a change, too much of a people involved, too much of a risk and the result is really unknown.
You remember Athena debuff? You remember how many people has complain? Now try to figure out how many complains about this.
If it was for free you can even do it, but with all the people who paid money and go through months of infinite levels up?

I understand you defend your idea, but it’s not a good ones.


What is too much of a change?

How would changing Prisca and Renfeld be so disturbing? Or either Cyprian/ Boril or abilities of 2 heroes from Grimm/Tiburtus/Gomerk, which is the same copycat under another color of the same category level…

Would definitely bring more strategy to the game, could be more exciting and ultimately make them unique.

Why not make a more fun game, and be honest, I don’t know your current team but how excited were or are you to use Isshtak, Prisca, Renfeld, Dawa, Karil and many other boring duplicates in the game?