Yes I quit and uninstalled the game. I spent real life money in this and always received ■■■■■■ heroes. Also field aid in wars takes the fun out wars. In a war I attacked a player who only had one hero left, I thought it was going to a win but because of field aid I didn’t win, time ran out and I lost. Now tell me how the hell can 5 heroes lose against one lonely hero? Each time I was about to land killing blow field would kick and heal, this kept going on until time ran out and I lost. This happened in three straight wars. It is grossly unfair and you guys don’t even care that players are complaining about so I left the alliance and uninstalled the game and gave you guys a bad review. This game is rigged to make players to spend money so I’m out. People open up your eyes and see what this game really is, a game that you have to loads of money to get ■■■■■■ heros


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