Unify the same rules for all equally

Could someone finally delete the differences between the players and the functioning of the game and the functioning of the heroes. I already deleted one forum because for some mysterious reason I started to play everything and I fell from 2400 cups to 1000, but since I deleted it and for a while I gave nothing so I returned again so I try to write something critical again but I’ll see if I’m going to play mysteriously again "but I don’t care anymore. So let me start gently, can somebody explain to me why some of the players work heroes quite differently from me? for example my wo kong hits max 30% with what hits but rivals works from 80% to 100%? can anyone explain it to me? I also have a video uploaded but I do not want to give it here because I see here the answer that it is a coincidence, so there is someone who will cease to say the stupidity that it is a coincidence but can somehow explain the facts? If so I will then give a video to support my claim that it can not be a coincidence because with three laps can not be this coincidence Thank you

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