Unfairness of Beta testing to general players

I realize that BETA testing needs to happen. And I am not suggesting it should be ended.

But it does lead to unfair advantages, especially when the information is kept secret allowing a limited number of people advanced information.

Specifically, SG will have some sort of new building to allow players to use heroes to generate a different existing hero. Just knowing that it will take, as an example, in Beta 4 4s to get a different 4 is very useful.

I realize that SG almost always changes the Beta in some way but the beta testers will have an advantage.

Right now I am not burning any 4 or 5 *s since I have no information as to what I need or may need, not to mention what else may be needed for the transformation.

At the very least, for this change, SG needs to publicly discuss what is needed at the start of the beta testing and disclose all changes during the testing. And, once the final requirements are set, publicly announce them a week before it goes live.


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I’ll play devil’s advocate, just for fun.

  • Almost all Beta information apart from images ends up getting shared anyway

  • If SG announced a bunch of untested changes, it would lead to a hurricane of badly informed outcry from any section of the player base that felt disadvantaged

  • Which would be irrelevant because it could all change in beta anyway

  • Almost every player in Beta is really happy to share best practice as soon as anything is released.

  • Apart from one isolated documented case where there was a possibility of beta players running ONE event prior to it being on general release, is there any objective evidence of beta players gaining an advantage? UCLAPAC dominated events without being in beta.


If we’re being honest, the images tend to get shared too, just not here in the official forum…


This building isn’t in beta yet.

I promise you that when it is I will post about it on the public Forum.


I don’t think that beta is typically that long for new features, so while there maybe some advantage we aren’t talking about months of lead time in most cases. And the longer the beta the more likely that things will change a few times during beta…


Well, do you know this thread?


All information got shared.
And Beta Tester don’t have more than this.


Thank you, zephyr1.

I appreciate your reply. It clearly would help.

I realize the information is out there but too many sites are honey traps putting all types of apps from the mildly annoying to nuclear weapons type damage. I know enough to avoid them but not enough to be sure of getting rid of them, once infected.


I am a beta tester for a year or even more now, so i come out and say it once and for all:

  1. Yes, we know all the stuff that are going to happen in the next 6 months. Yes, even what developers not already known themselfs. We also predict NBA results for some extent.

  2. We are evil and level up with other people envy. (I got +5 evade after this post)

  3. We do not share informations because we have a secret sharing-market site where we exchange secrets for money. Lots of money. Or muffins.

  4. We of course get payed by Small Giant in HotM. The minimum amount is 2 Gravemakers.

Other questions?


You’re welcome!

SGG prohibits images and video from beta, but allows discussing it. I and other beta players routinely answer questions about beta on the Forum to anyone and everyone who asks.

Major features like the Raid Tournament also have had extensive public discussion on the public Forum while still in beta. That will very definitely be the case for the new buildings too, whenever they come to beta.

To be clear…it’s not.

The building you’re talking about is what Tim referred to in the AMA as the Hero Academy.

That building has not entered into beta in any form whatsoever — last I heard, they hadn’t even designed or programmed it yet.

Tim also explicitly said he expects a lot of feedback and changes in beta.

So, in upshot: anything whatsoever you’re reading about it now is entirely speculative.


Elpis: I surmised much of this but thanks for the confirmation.

But I was not objecting to Beta testing because it is clearly needed. NOR was I implying that Beta testers are evil. I suspect, as a group, they are honorable. But there is an advantage and I would like to see it narrowed thru the publication of more information. Nothing will ever be perfect.


By the way, it’s probably worth mentioning: they don’t do this for beta testers either.

We’re not given extensive insights into what or how to test, and new features aren’t generally explained in detail. There’s a lot of guess work by beta testers to try to figure out how things are supposed to work, let alone trying to test if they’re working properly.

They also sometimes make changes in the launch to the live game that weren’t announced in beta. Kunchen’s final stats and some functionality of the Raid Tournament are good examples of that.

So beta testers are sometimes caught just as much by surprise as non-beta testers.


What about this hacker?

OMG (linky, linky)


I’m not falling for that the fourth time!:smiley:


From what I can gather in general those accepted into beta are generally:

  1. already successful players in the game to some extent
  2. those who have demonstrated a willingness to help others in the forums

I do believe that they give back to the community what they can out of beta.


Dangit @Gryphonknight! You rick-rolled me!!! Nicely played.


Erm, you DO realize he was teasing you to the maximum of his sarcastic limits?

Beta folks are given no warning (apart from the beginning of testing, or items like the AMA which are widely shared with the whole player-base) of new heroes, new buildings, new events, new items. We are given them for a short period to test. Sometimes, to retest. But it isn’t months and months.

And if Beta players are getting paid then my paycheck is getting lost in the mail. Check please! :grin:

(@Elpis , you stole my Gravemakers right? Because you are eeeevil!) :wink:


ROOK: Reread the entire comment. The first paragraph is not consistent with what I said in the rest of the comment. Sorry if I was too subtle but was laughing hard when I read the comment. He artfully stated every conspiracy theory about beta testing as if they were real.



Just making sure the lead balloon landed. I liked the part about the NBA. :grin:

Edit…He forgot a few:

  1. Beta testers are given every HOTM for free (not!)

  2. Only top players are invited to Beta. No F2P need apply. /sarcasm


I always figured unless you spent 1,500,000+ on summonses there was no point applying.

Note: dollars, not yen

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I sincerely appreciate the time/effort that all the beta testers put forward. I never applied because I highly doubt I’d ever find the proper time to do the thorough testing.

When I hear wind of new changes, I try to artfully ask within normal forums for any info about what’s being tested, just to get the general info since the particulars are fluid and subject to much changing.


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