Unfairness in tournaments?

Why is it that when you do the tournaments, and you leave a color out (red), and the game creators also don’t allow a certain color (green), almost the whole board of tiles is made up of red and green tiles. So you are forced to send up tiles that give you zero mana, but the opponent gets to be charged up with these same tiles, even though they also have no red or green heroes?

  • Random event that appears significant because it’s ruddy annoying
  • Programmed that way to make you lose because angry people spend money
  • A bug that affects the accounts of a chosen few

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Choose your poison, I guess


Or the developers are lazy and instead of taking the color out of the boards that are not represented they leave it. That sounds like the sure fire winner to me.

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To be fair, limiting the board to 4 colors would be an instant win for the attacker every time due to the sheer number of Cascades that would happen. It is annoying to deal with 20% dead tiles, but still doable.


Their are plenty of things they could do, fortunately im not on their payroll so im not gonna share my ideas to further their income. Its simple, the developers of SG are the worst their are in the business when it comes to doing some good for the players or giving back to the community. The dev response to the loot of the raid tournament’s speaks volumes of their interests and cares. Till a new captain rights the SG ship i will continue to give blizzard and other companies that have a idea of what the player base wants my hard earned “funtime funds”.

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So if you were to bring a mono-colored team then you would get nothing but the same colored tiles all the time? Seems like they did put some thought into this…


Not really, its not hard to figure out what they could do so the color that is not represented is not charging heroes that they shouldn’t be charging in the first place but by all means kiddo, please do entertain me with your wisdom.

Was just literally quoting you on your idea and how it wouldn’t work. What your saying now is completely different. Like you said neither of us are on payroll, but being a multi million dollar company, I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing.

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No matter what, they gachamoney.

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They don’t gachamine. And hey, I enjoy playing the game.

In any case, that idea would work. Just a simple misunderstanding on my part. No need to go 0-100 lmao

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Everything we’ve been able to measure shows that, on average, starting boards are random and replacement tiles are random. They are not related to what heroes you bring. Crap boards happen.

In selecting a team, I try to think about how to buy myself some time if the boards are mediocre. Total garbage can’t be hedged against, but by running an off-color healer, you at least buy yourself some hope of recovery.


You will never convince me that the boards are random. If I spend gems to continue in the tournament, my boards always improve. Coincidence? I highly doubt it!

Have you tracked the boards before and after spending gems to verify? Otherwise it’s circumstantial evidence.

I have spent gems last friday to continue tournament as I was in top 5%. I lost 3 of my last 4 raids. boards always improve? Really?

When tournament start it was 4 days and it was not generating enough gems incomes for SG. So they add one. This is not a coincidence.

You know how you could tell if it was actually rigged? If no one complained about it being rigged. I’ve played so many games where randomness is a factor, and I’ve never seen a single one where the majority of players weren’t convinced it was rigged against them. If it actually matched the commonly held human/intuitive idea of what randomness should look like on a consistent basis, it almost certainly wouldn’t actually be random.

Randomness is the fact you can get 4 guardian owl on 6x10 pull but any other guardian in 60 pull.

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Never? Oh dear.

Assuming that’s a tad hyperbolic, what, hypothetically, would convince you?

Not trolling, genuinely interested.

An independent company or government
body auditing the code, perhaps?

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