Unfair war?!

Hello there,

I have an issue. I don’t understand how is working those Alliance War Matchmakeing But last 2 Wars it seems to give us no chance. For example now: our alliance score is 90970 and the enemy’s Alliance score is 83614, but actually they are very Huge for us. Players like lvl 51 and 3700 power have 1077 trophies. They hit, they kill, we hit, we get wind. We don’t have players under 3000 power. Anyone have an idea? Thanks


Click the i-symbol in your alliance description. It opens a popup which tells you your alliance’s war score. The do the same for your opponent. The war score is what they use for matchmaking and it depends on the power and "depth of your players’ rosters as well as on how you’ve faired in the wars.

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Also there they are over us…

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I would suggest:

  1. actually fighting the war to find out what will actually happen
  2. at the conclusion, post your alliance war scores
  3. Post flag usage from your team and their team
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Are all 30 members in opponent alliance participating? 1k cups for a lvl 50+ doesnt sound very active

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In the End I will post the result. They are active, we are active. For the moment


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This makes no sense. I have four really good players and the rest is are barely learning the game. This match making needs to be fixed. Unfair… Use to win now it’s like a waste of time.

Soooo, we have a new war…
It seems like we have some chances

No big score difference, just, they have 3 players more. I will post the result.

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