Unfair war paring


I fight for “O céu é o limite” Alliance in Brazil and at the last war the paring was unfair. The other alliance called “Heroes Mexicanos” has to much power than my alliance and I thought that I found a bug.

Before the war at the paring moment, some players reduced their trophies and put less power heroes on the defense team and them have 35 level an higher. Maybe this changes made a bug in the paring algorithm.

Please check this situation to us.

Suender Oliveira (Suender and SilverbackBR nicknames)
O Céu é o limite alliance

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Matchmaking isnt based on defense teams or cups

Based on top 30 heros of each player in an alliance including troops then also based on past performance of the alliance(wins, losses)



Trophies and defense team don’t have any impact on war matching. It is based on the top 30 heroes on each team weighted more heavily towards top 5 for each team with past performance having some impact. We are always paired against teams that are much more powerful defensively. We haven’t had any new war teams for a long time but his current war we had two new level 12 teams become available and It looks like this time the matchup is pretty evenly matched.

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I agree with you but I thought that this combination triggered a bug.
It is important here, investigate the complaints instead reply based only in the algorithm or rules.
There some dev here in order to check this?

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@Petri @mhalttu @KiraSG @Sara can look into it

But i can tell you this is about the 10,000th+ time this same situation has been reported, so I’m positive it has been looked into many times. I am well known for being wrong though so let’s see how it goes

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Thanks for copy this complaint to Small Giant’s staff.

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@Suender While the developers look at bug reports in the Forum, it’s rare that they respond, especially to issues like this when they turn out to be working fine. So just to set expectations, you’re not likely to get a direct response here from Small Giant Staff.

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Better off filing a support ticket?

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To get a response, yes, but I’m quite sure that response is very likely to just be a summary of how War matchmaking works.


I too have noticed bugs in the war, currently we are loosing by 400 points and have less attacks left, some special attacks not registering and tiles not registering, mana not filling properly, buffs not dispelling, I used my cademon to dispel counter of boril only 2 out of the 3 were dispelled leaving one with counterattack, I’m new to this so have no pictures to prove it, but I will in the future

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