Unfair trophy advantage

I am not sure if anybody has mentioned this however I kind of didn’t bother to look because I’m a little upset about the whole situation. I just lost about a hundred and thirty trophies. When I went to go Revenge I can’t because they’re using a differnt version of the game. Why are they allowed to attack me and steal my trophies if I can’t fight for them back. So obviously I just have a hundred and thirty trophies Plus right out of my account and there’s nothing I can do about it. This is unfair!!! They shouldn’t be allowed to be able to attack me if that is the case. I should not be penalized for other people being too lazy to update thier game.

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What happens is that the update is staggered in release by the Apple and Google stores, so they raid those the game allows them to, then get the update.
While some people may take advantage of this to minimize revenges, I think most people would update to the latest version as soon as they can.

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