Unfair treatment of players of this game

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while now and I spend way to much money on this rigged game of Small Giant Games. Here a re a few examples:

  • Attacking a titan:
    Usually I use 3 heroes to which the titan is weak to and I use 2 other colours so I can try to at least rack up a good score. But when I do this all other colours of tiles appear WITHOUT any of the 3 main heroes I use. This happens WAY to much! I don’t mind a challenge here and there, but this is ridicoulous! I also am a fan of the arrows to lower a titans accurancy, but still he hits and mostly with criticals then! plus I use Joon to also “blind” a titan, but as you can guess still a titan hits most of the times. I just cannot get high scores no matter how much I try.

  • Raids…
    No THIS one is the most irritating, frustrating and most unfair portion of the game. In order to get some “good loot” (they call it that, but it isn’t) you need a high rank above 2400 cups to get a diamond league status. I try to aim at staying at 2500 or above. If someone attacks me I lose SO MUCH CUPS and why I try to get revenge the return points are nowhere near what you have lost to the opponent! And if you get more points then the opposing team has such high stats that you cannot beat them and if frustrating is kicking in you lose 3 times in a row! Even if I decide to buy a Raid shield for 2 to 7 days and then I get attacked again afterwards the shield disappears I lose so much cups again from a enemy it’s ■■■■■■■■! My strongest team atm is 4598 with Seshat, Grazul, Telluria, Vela and Joon. But does this matter?? NO! Because whatever team I place they get annilithed like they are nothing! Which brings me to my next point

  • Hero pulls / Summons
    Another superb unfair system in this game and the reason I paid so much money in this game. I try to get good heroes. Superstars like Heimdall, Mother of the Lake, Tyr, a few examples to name a few. In order to get those either use crystals or summon coins etc etc. I expect (and yes I say this because this game is just Pay to win… don’t say it isn’t…) that if someone at least pays for the game they should get a small appreciation by getting good heroes. But all the freaking time I get laid off with lame 3 star or a few 4 star heroes! The summoning is so random it’s just so expensive to try to get good heroes. The game makers just don’t “reward” you at all as a paid subsriber to the game and therefore I have to coop with what I have and others beat you senseless because of this! I just cannot beat other players because of their stronger heroes and such, which brings me to my final point

  • Levelling heroes / troops / buildings etc
    Levelling is needed to make your heroes stronger. So far I get that point, but holy hell is it getting expensive to level them to their max level… and if they get to max leve you need those emblems to elevate them even further which is a pain in the you-know-what to get and it is so repetitive to get emblems and good materials! Levelling buildings is just the same! Waiting 12 days for a building to get to it’s highest level is insane, not to mention the high grade of food and iron which you need to spend to get there!

I haven’t even mentioned how some heroes are absolutely bonkers to fight against and which are really unfair and game breaking like Heimdall (with his high stats), MofL (which down grades your mana), Krampus, Kunchen, Sif, Alfrike, Gravemaker, Freya, Kingston, Aegir, Alberich, Finley, Skadi, Black Knight, Frigg… these are just a few examples of high level 5 star heroes taht can really tear you a new one. How can the creators expect you to like a game when it gets so repetitive to play just to get somewhere?? And even if I get a good hero (I got Telluria at an point) then the game decided:“well ■■■■ she is so strong… let’s DOWNGRADE her becauase she’s game breaking.” WTF!? So eventually I get a great hero and then it get’s cut down to size…

I expect Small Giant Games to read this post and I know I have a risk of posting this because I’m getting off to them, but I am now at a point that I just don’t care anymore. I liked this game in the beginning, but now if I want to keep something, keep my rank, level or whatever the game just won’t let me. It’s so frustrating whatever I try to do. I try so many different tactics, but it just doesn’t pay. I just know the creators are controlling your game. I just on’t know what to do anymore. This morning I lost another 6 raids in a row and this was the last straw. This is how I think of the game now. Do with it as you please. I would advise players to try a different game, because the fun with this game quickly changes from fun to frustration.

Anyway: thanks for reading this post you all

I share your thoughts about the “randomness” of the game. I definitely run into similar cases.

  • Missing stones when playing mono, 4/1, 3/2
  • Pulling same 4* heroes in a row, getting same 4* ascending material in a row
  • unable to fill the war chest when its almost full

I am enjoying the game immensely. If you are not, then why keep playing?


Maybe this topic fits in here also

It’s not a topic, it’s a rant.

That’s how I feel about duplicate threads. I guess we’re both destined to be disappointed :man_shrugging:t3:


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