Unfair treatment in the Path of Valor re defeating TITANs

Thanks :slight_smile: It doesnt say in the first post how many summons that are needed by the way, it only mention how many titans that are needed to be defeated.

Have a look at the main Path of Valor thread rather than this one for that information.

This thread = complaint & discussion thread

Full PoV discussion thread:


I don’t really care much about PoV.

I’m not going to complain at all about getting extra free loot for doing stuff I would normally do anyway.

I’m not going to complain about how people who pay for the premium path get a lot more stuff than those who don’t.

I won’t waste time complaining about how the PoV quests try to “compel” me to take part in things I don’t want to take part in, to craft battle items I don’t need, to use battle items that I do need but have been saving them for when I actually need to use them vs. throwing them away on some random quest just to complete a PoV daily, to waste WE flags completing quests and province stages that I would otherwise have no legitimate reason to complete, etc. etc.

There are a lot of things about PoV that I think are stupid and pointless, but some people seem to like it and think the rewards are worth it, so that’s cool. More power to them. I weigh the options, cost vs. reward, if I don’t feel it’s worth it? I don’t do it. Simple as that.

Yeah so I’ll never finish it. Don’t really care. The rewards aren’t really worth the effort for me anyway.

… now that my general Valor rant is over, I’m going to address the particular complaint point in this thread specifically.

Those of you who know me, probably already know that I’m prone to posting controversial opinions, some of which might appear to contradict my other opinions.

Ordinarily, I’d say that “yes, PoV is unfair, needs to be adjusted,” blah blah blah. And yeah, that would be my overall opinion on it. But regarding this particular complaint… I’m very sorry to say this, it’s not that I’m unsympathetic to your concerns, but…

If someone is only in your alliance for the loot, and they’re willing to leave over something as stupid as a shiny PoV reward, you should be thankful that they left, not complaining about it. Because they’re obviously only looking out for themselves, and selfish players make for horrible teammates anyway.



Thanks for that :slight_smile: I did see another thread where it was mentioned how many summons that were needed, and some other information, but i didnt see the thread that you linked to.

I just wanted to reply to the guy earlier to say that the first post in this thread didnt have the information, and thats why i asked to begin with :slight_smile:

It is possible to say… Yes PoV titans needs to be adjusted AND agree totally with your last paragraph… which I do!

There’s a lot of things about PoV that should probably be adjusted. But I stand firmly by my last point.

I guess it all comes down to why you’re forming and/or joining an alliance in the first place. If it’s all about the loot? Fine, go ahead and tryhard and set increasingly high expectations of all your members. Kick out those who “aren’t carrying their weight”. You can go full-on hardcore competition if that’s what you’re into. Many people play games for that reason alone. But if that’s the entire raison d’etre for your alliance? Don’t be surprised when your members leave at the first sign of opportunity elsewhere.

I don’t care for that ideology personally, so I don’t run my alliance that way. Of course there is a fine line between being too lenient vs. too demanding, and that’s a line that every leader must set for their own alliance, and hope that the majority of their alliance is on the same page (otherwise risk mutiny or a mass exodus). But when you see the way most people on here describe their alliances in recruiting and such… they call themselves family.

Do you abandon your own family because some other family has better loot? Do you kick a member out of your family because they failed to hit a titan?

Either Alliance = Family or it doesn’t. Family means love, comradery, loyalty, and oftentimes, it means having to forgive each others’ flaws.

No, my alliance can’t now, nor will we probably ever be able to kill 14* titans or make it onto the top alliance leaderboards. But I don’t care about those things nearly as much as I care about them. Being in the company of people I like and respect and get along with is far more important than any amount of game loot will ever be.


Here’s the 30-day update, and we are?..

Exactly where I predicted my alliance to be at this point. 12 titans defeated in 15 days. 85% health and 20 1/2 hours remain on our current 7* titan, so by my calculation, the remaining 11 titans to finish the Defeat Titans Challenge should fall with about 6 days remaining in Path of Valor I.

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This is the scary part. Having 16 days to kill 9 titans, we mainly do 11* and usually can’t kill 12* unless we have some big hits. This means with about 15 more titans we can miss 6. Currently we have a 11* green titan, shouldn’t be a problem, but I know we will get bumped soon to 12*

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So plan to let one go so you can drop back down. You’re at the point where you really only need to kill 2/3.

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You are currently fighting an 11*, which you assume you can kill. After killing that titan you will get 16 more, and you only need to kill 8 of them.


My issue is that it forces you to depend on others to complete this path. I’m an active player and sometimes not everyone participates and it screws us over with higher Titans. I rather have the challenges geared towards personal achievements and not reliant on team ones.


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