Unfair treatment in the Path of Valor re defeating TITANs

On this topic, does anyone know if the Summon challenge is needed to get to the level 50 reward tier? I’m currently at “Summon V”, where i need to do 25 summons to get to the next level, and completing “Summon V” only gives 225 valor points. Based on this, i assume that theres probably at least 4-5 more Summon level challenges. I get one free summon every day, and maybe one or two from the daily challenges. Basically, it seems impossible to complete this challenge unless you pay for summons or have saved up a lot of summoning tokens before Path of Valor started. I’m just curious if this challenge is needed to get to level 50 reward tier or not. It would be nice to know in advance :slight_smile:

You can only miss the final tier (tier x ) if you want to get to level 50

Do you know how many summons that is required in total?

275 total summons. You can read the top post in this thread for all the details

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next PoV everyone will have 275 Daily Summon tokens saved up on first day lol…and SG will probably have removed Summons from the POV path LOL :rofl:


So they’ll have 600 for next time?


it would not surprise me :man_facepalming:

To get to level 50 for the path of Valor. You need to kill 35 Titans in 50 days. . That seems a little impractical. Sometimes the next Titan doesn’t even appear for 12 hours after you kill it. And if you kill all the Titans the Titans continue to get harder and harder, which means you’re bound to lose some and fall back. . It seems like this challenge should be based on Titan hits more than Titan pills to incentivize alliance members to use their Titan hits.


35 out of 50. Kill 3, let one go. Kill 4, let one go. Should be no problem for an active alliance. If your alliance is struggling to kill 5 out of 7 titans, stop using battle items and flasks, let a couple go, and drop to a manageable level

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I wanted to revisit this topic to hash over my alliance’s results. We are a very active, but casual, alliance. We are ranked 13,335th. That’s pretty casual. Thankfully, we are between 7* and 8* titans which makes this Defeat Titans challenge feasible for us. If we weren’t comfortably out of the 6* titan realm, it would’ve been a challenge or if half the members didn’t participate.

With that said, I don’t feel threatened by this Challenge. Looking again at the stage breakdown:

We are nearing 15 days full completion on Path of Valor I. In that first 15 days, my alliance defeated 12 titans. Currently, we sit 1/7 on the Defeat Titans III stage.

If the trend continues, we will have 24 titans defeated after 30 days, which would put us through 6/8 on Defeat Titans IV leaving us with 11 total titans within our star range to beat in the last 20 days of the challenge.

Unless people just quit playing, I don’t see this challenge being impossible for us or alliances very similar to us. I get the feeling some players may be panicking because it just seems like a lot looking from the ground up. But if you break it apart in phases, it really isn’t that much.


It’s not possible for someone who plays solo like me, but… I choose to play solo. Thems the breaks.
I can probably beat tier 3, if the game will actually go ahead and bump me up to 4* titans now that I actually want them for a change instead of when I don’t. 5* and higher titans I think I’ll skip. Too many flasks needed for solo killing.


Agree - I’m enjoying the change. It’s fun to figure out some new things, try some new lineups with low score heroes… it’s a game

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Exactly. My tiny 4-person alliance has never even SEEN a 6-star Titan, and the only 5-star ones we’ve seen are the rare ones with element reflect, so… :sweat_smile: :rofl:


The raid quest is complete at 300 raids!


@Olmor absolutely agree with you.

In our alliance we are all working people and so we normally manage to defeat 60% of the Titans which will not be sufficient for the last tier.

This time the Titan logic is even worse bringing us from constantly 9* to 1x 10* and than immediately 11*, back to 10*. At 10* we don’t even manage 50%, but don’t fall back to 9* yet…

So it would probably be the choice at the end to leave a group, you have been with for over 1.5 years, because SGG valued the Titan so high…

every single challenge is easy in my opinion, except for the Titans and they are something you haven’t in your own hands… You depend on your alliance mates and on the RNG concerning Titan class offered.

@zephyr1: has anyone of SGG indicated how they came up with such a logic and if they really want us to merc?

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As with all new features, there’s bound to be some issues with the PoV challenges.

I think it’s important to remember that before investing money in new features. It’s very difficult to identify edge cases in beta, because the people that take part in beta are largely committed players.

I will say that the logic of adding alliance tasks to an individual challenge is beyond me. I’m very fortunate in that the alliance I’m in (Here to have fun - plug, plug!), is a good mix of people that are all making their hits, so we’re on schedule to complete the task. So we aren’t seeing the mercs - if anything, the task has reminded me how fortunate I am to be in a good alliance, and rather than create mercs from our group, it’s actually focussed us even more on killing titans because we don’t want to let anyone else down.

But, as I say, it makes no sense for the task to exist in the first place.

I also recommend that people earlier in the game remember that most high end achievements are out of their reach. If everything was obtainable for everyone, then there would be no challenges for long-term players.


And it shouldn’t be mandatory in order to complete this. I mean really, how bad would it be to be thrown a bone once in a while, which is what many of us were hoping for with Valor.

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