Unfair treatment in the Path of Valor re defeating TITANs

What made me worry is the last 6 titans pattern:

11* Escaped
10* Defeated
10* Defeated
10* Defeated
Last 6:
11* Defeated
11* Defeated
12* Escaped
11* Defeated
11* (Rare) Defeated
12* Skip… will escape soon…

Why would we get 12* just after 2× 11*???

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Because you were in a good defeating streak overall last 8 titans (7 kills/1 escape). What’s common for most alliance is kill 3-4 and then let one go, then repeat the cycle. If you go harder on titans, game “thinks” you are good enough for more difficult titans (higher stars) and provides them earlier than expected.

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After a rare 11 it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get a 12. Do you track your titans for HP?


I still have pictures of the last 5:
Defeated 11* = 3.608.000
Escaped 12* = 3.960.000
Defeated 11* = 3.718.000
Defeated Rare 11* = 3.564.000
Current 12* = 3.960.000

Could have gone either way, strong 11 or a 12. Depending on how much time was left on the 11 rare when you killed it, you may have wanted to decide before the next one even spawned if you were going to let it escape.

This complaint is completely true. I don’t know if you will need all the titan points to get maximum rewards from valor but if you do need even most of those points it’s a very unfair component of the scoring. Smaller alliances have no chance to complete the upper lever requirements.

We got a 12* after letting an 11* escape. There’s always some mix of chances based on your current “rating.”

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It was killed in the last hour.

My aim was to skip the titan after rare so it get down to 10* but as the one appear after the rare is 12*, it seems to have failed…

Are we talking about “Path of Valor”?? Because if you have 3000 gems somewhere on your “path” I wanna trade…

Oh and if you are somehow trying to justify a value in the silver gems…don’t, you get 2 free a day for 4.99, that’s 30x2= 60. We could play this silly semantics game all day. To me, premium Ishiguro worth it, to you it obviously is. So I’ll be happy with the free items and you get happy with paying 10$. See, simple? Everyone’s happy.

Admittedly I miscalculated the Challenge Coins, there’s still 2 EHT and 6S2/Challenge coin pulls on the Premium Path/deal. Lowers the value about 1000 gems. 1 month VIP might be a better value, particularly at the $3 deals that pop up.

If I had to rank values on deals:

Alliance Gem Share (~1200gems/$3USD)

VIP deal (900gems + 30 emblems(etc)/$3USD)
Valor Pass (see prior posts/$10USD)

Valor Pass value may change based on perceived value of 4* mat.

If you read the previous comments, you would know. We need a total of 35 titan kills to complete all tiers of the challenge, as follows:

5x 2*
6x 3*
7x 4*
8x 5*
9x 6*

Total 35.

Why is the assumption that every single person should be able to get through the entire POV? I know I won’t be able to, but I’ll at least make a solid effort at it and pick up some rewards (some free) along the way. I’m perfectly okay with that.

Those who can’t complete it this ‘season’ (whether due to personal or alliance reasons) have something to strive and work towards next season.


Lol. We don’t let escape many titans… 2 14 star after eachother is a real pain in the body…
We flow from 12 star (14 hrs) to 13 star (18 hrs) to 14…

So we will get to the titan effort as far is i know now.

I’m still waiting for the shoot the dragon daily … :smiley: The ducks are far too easy :slight_smile:

If we do get a shoot the dragon daily challenge won’t that cause a whole new set of complaints about it not being fair for those who cannot tap fast enough and how that will hinder them getting to the last tier? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everything SG does is manipulated…POV comes out and titans are harder to kill, ducks fly less frequently, less summons tokens drop in the Missions…get cups too high they manipulate the matching to bring you back down…this is nothing new…if the dragon is a daily it will either fly less frequently or take more taps to kill. All this Is covered in updates notes “other minor improvements”


Can’t tell if you are joking or not, but I LOLed.


As a math degree holder and fully outted stats nerd, i would like to meet the person who tracked how often ducks appeared before the PoV update in order to qualify this statement. They are a true visionary.


To me, that’s the best kind of snark. :laughing:

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It already takes me a whole screen to bring down that dragon. I’m waiting for the thread in the Guide section.

forget about the titans. I feel like more people wouldnt be able to get all three levels of challenge valor challenge, since they cant finish the legendary parts.
I wish they introduced more things for players of all team strengths. the raid tourny was one of them, where despite the matching inconsistencies anyone could reach top 1% (in 3* and maybe 4* tournies at least). that is it.

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