Unfair titan boards


The boards are random. They’re just as random for province 1/1 as province 23/9, just as random for a 5* Titan as a 10* Titan, and just as random for a noob as for an end game player.

Everyone sees patterns where they don’t exist. Figure out a way to measure what you think you see: you’ll find out that it’s not really there.

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You can try recording your own battle and watch it afterwards to see if there are more matches than you thought. Titan battles can be stressful and sometimes you draw to stun the Titan because that was the plan after last move but you just missed to create a gem on the other side because you were too fast.


That’s good advice. It’s also worth wondering where the 10* Titan videos came from. It seems likely that the sort of videos people post are probably those in which the player does pretty well, and thus probably those where the boards are pretty good.


I can say that titan board definitely random. I also have 26++ team power and always hit at 15k marks. I make trace of today hits, I have 3 15k, 1 11k, and 1 8k. I admit that I’m a bit nervous to hit titan because the clock is ticking, and most of the time I cant see what happen, thus don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, but I try to setup a routine that will max my damage in every hit.

Edit: I hit 5* Titan too and can maintan 15k for 6*

Of course 50 to 60 people can be wrong. Many, many more people than this can be, and are, wrong every second of every day.

Asserting something does not make it so. Our starting assumption ought to be that the boards are random, because this is what the devs tell us (implicitly, at the very least). So to conclude that they are not random, we would need some evidence.

What evidence do we have? A bunch of people think they don’t look random? You’ll have to do considerably better than that.

A reasonable method might be to sample 1000 starting boards - pretty easy to screenshot and write a script to automate some counting, no? Over such a sample size the colours and placement should roughly (but not precisely) even out. That would not prove randomness, but if you found wild deviations from a roughly even spread, then it would suggest something systematic - non-random - was at play. That might be a good place to start. I can think of other, more robust but trickier ways.

But you haven’t done anything like that, right?

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also consider that you are watching the videos that they chose to share. most likely the “good ones” to show off their higher scores. there were probably many many attempts with “bad boards” before they got a "good one"
the boards are random, there times when my team will only do 12k to a titan and on the next board (only seconds later) i will do 35k… and the next will be 21k.

that being said i have noticed some possible patterning to raid battles, but have such a small sample to pull from that its probably nothing. (i will test it though)


Please don’t just assert, especially not based on perception. Get some data and do some tests, or formulate some other way to compile evidence, otherwise you just sound like you’re being dragged around by confirmation bias.

You might want to consider this:

If I don’t get a match, I can tilt the game in my favor by using blue potions to spike my shots:

  • Boldtusk = +ATK
  • Grimm = +DEF
  • Magni = KAPOW

I like to line those three up together, while I hope that some gems will line up (and they usually will).

I’ve had great boards (32k!) and I’ve has abysmal boards (4k). Most of my boards fall between 8k-15k, depending on Titan color.


What’s KAPOW
I’ve never heard of that before.


It’s a big hit. :grin:

(Please excuse my sense of humor, but I really do call it KaPOW when I play.) :wink:


You bear the burden of proof because decades of behavioural psychology have taught us that humans are terrible, awful, pitiful creatures when it comes to assessing randomness. We have evolved to see patterns where there are none, because there are survival advantages to running away whenever a shadow looks a bit like a tiger, or we think a storm might be coming because of the sounds the chickens make.

We know confirmation bias and groupthink are crippling in all facets of life. We know that once people get an idea in their heads, they think they see proof of it everywhere, and they’re often wrong. People are, sadly, irrational.

This is why we don’t just make wild claims. We develop theories then test them empirically.

I’m really sorry if you find any of this condescending. I’m trying to help you. I think you and your 50-60 chums are misleading yourselves something awful.

One last question: have you applied Occam’s Razor here? What’s more likely: that you’re imagining things, or that the devs have systematically coded advantageous boards for some players, but not for others? And why, exactly, would they do this?


On some of those videos when the board turn bad they use a Tornado. I can remember two abysmal boards where I even had to match several times to miss the Titan because that was the only move I had. Since then I bring one slot for my few tornadoes but only have had to use one since most boards are playable at least.

You may get more on your side if you actually do provide a video so we can see what happens. It’s one thing if a player has a bad streak but it just can’t happen to a whole guild. Maybe some of them mean that they have only a single choice because it’s the only move that will stun the Titan, while there actually are 7 other moves too but they would be worse to do since none would create a gem. Since you haven’t seen their videos either you can’t state it as a fact that it really is as you say.


This is why I spike my heroes with blue potion to get that effect.

You get that effect by shooting ghost tiles (the empty spaces between enemies…spots where you killed someone)

You haven’t proven your case, but I truly understand why you feel that way.

For what it’s worth, as I upgrade my heroes (and learn what works when combining them), I score better. My 4* team works much better than my 3* team. I assume as I get more 5*, I’ll see this phenomenon again. The thing I want that I don’t have yet is Wu, darn his monkey king-ness!


I’m talking to you like you’re a person I like and respect based on some of your previous contributions to this forum.

You have ‘proof’? Then you’re keeping it a secret. It’s not ‘hard to think that better players get an advantage’. Really? That makes sense to you, does it?

I’m departing this conversation now. If you’re sincere, I pity you. If you’re trolling, then well played, sir. That was masterful.

I have battled titans from 1-10* and using a lot of different teams, when getting new heroes or making some stronger and using different strategy’s according to Titan element and special and the heroes available.
All the way I had some terrible boards, decent boards and very good boards.
I never published a video, but if I did I would’nt choose the lousy board but the amazing one when it all comes together and I make a high score.


Brobb was actually being quite decent. I’ve seen him be condescending, and you didn’t get that treatment. Please be civil y’all.

Leebrind: I grant you that you saw a video (or videos) that had spectacular boards. I do NOT grant you that this happens to everyone but you and your alliance.

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I plan to change my name to ‘Bronx’ ASAP.

Stupid Auto Incorrect kills me every time Brobb! Lol

Please reread my last sentence. :slight_smile:

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